Friday, May 13, 2011

Whale of a Tale

This picture was taken on girls day out this week. I had so much fun with ma ladies, and it will be super awesome when we are all in the same place this summer :)

 {Pants and shoes: thrifted, shirt: Hint of Vintage}

First, I love tees that are cute, and girly {blue ruffle and floral whale=girly}. Second, I LOVE these sunglasses that I found at F21. Matt told me they looked like grandma glasses, and I am wondering when he will realize that anytime he says something looks like his grandma's, it is a compliment :) Ah well, we have forever for him to learn these things.


  1. I love those colors--so cute!

  2. you thrifted those pants! o my goodness! i love those pants! i just went thrifting too and you won't believe what i found! i practically had a heart attack! AlphabetSoup Style

  3. That is such a cute outfit! I love the pants and those wedges!