Thursday, December 30, 2010

See You Next Year

Just writing that title makes me feel like a cheesy old man!

So here's the scoop, we are leaving to go to a cabin, basically right this second, and so I will not post again until the 1st. I will miss you so, but hey, that just means I won't post tomorrow :)

Ok, I will take tons of pictures to document the crazy fun that we will have. That is, when I am not reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows to my mom and sisters who just can't wait for the other movie to come out to know what happens. Not that I am complaining because I am a huge HP nerd.

Alright, they are waiting for me in the car. Peace friends and a Happy New Year!

Taste the Rainbow Ya'll!

My husband just wrote that title. It has quite the story behind it, but I warn you that you will see a side of him you may never have before....Ok, you have been warned...Matt has an rap identity, and he calls him Skit-L (yes, he even went so far as to decide the spelling, and I got corrected on it while I was typing). Hence "Taste the Rainbow". Yes, I know how gay it sounds, but what might possibly take that to the next level is he has a rapper friend (here's your shout-out Stdrov) and his name is Special Sauce. Together they take gay straight men to a whole other level.

Yep, pretty much I love my man, even if he is a TERRIBLE rapper, who never rhymes and who can't keep a beat or tune to save his life. I'm pretty thankful for a man with such a sense of humor, and one who know's his weaknesses but just uses them to make people laugh (we will play Rock Band, while he sings and we usually laugh so hard we can not even play our other instruments).

And so there is a new insight into my hubby. I guess that is what I get for staring at the computer too long, wondering what to write about. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday To Me

Happy birthday to me? Oh, thank you! It has been a very good birthday indeed. Mom took me out for breakfast/lunch, and we played Speed Scrabble for...oh..I dunno...2 hours (my family loves loves games of any sort). Also, I finally had time to paint my nails and use fun nail stickers, which is exciting because they have had chipped polish for almost a month (tacky much?).

Also, I have taken pictures with the other birthday outfit gift I got. Bet you can't guess what it was......A CARDIGAN! hee hee.  I just can't help myself. Especially it's seducing stripes. It was love at first site. I think it just might last forever.

(Cardigan: JC Penney, Tee and scarf:  Walmart, Pants: JC Penney, Shoes: Gen-x)

Now I am off to party with the fam some more and eat some yummy cake! (also, my kid is trying to eat grandma's decorative rocks so it really is a good time to jet before I am collecting pebbles from his poop.)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A comfy day after the Holiday rush

So remember how I said I went birthday outfit shopping? (I am supposing that people are that into my blog that they actually follow what I do. That's my wishful thinking, I guess!). Ok, so supposing that you actually know what I am talking about, I got this cardigan for part of my birthday outfit. I know, what I shocker that I actually chose a cardigan for part of my outfit. I have been wanting a big boyfriend cardigan, though, and of course I got it in gray because I might slightly have an obsession with it.

Now with all of the holiday rush, and having to dress up for Christmas parties, I am pooped (this is the time my mom says "then go to the bathroom" because she thinks she is super clever) and so I  just want a comfy outfit. Not pajama pants and t-shirt comfy because I plan on seeing people today, but still comfy enough that I can lounge and feel comfortable.

Here is my secret. Grab a baggy/loose fitting shirt. I just got a normal v-neck and bought it a couple of sizes too big so it would fit loose. Then throw over a cardigan. Boyfriend cardigans are the best for this outfit. Put on some comfy skinny pants or leggings, and then some comfy boots. I go with the uggs because they are warm and fuzzy inside, and warm 'n fuzzy is perfect for this freezing Utah weather. Then throw on a long necklace and some fun small earrings and maybe a bracelet. Accessories take it comfy out of the pajama zone.

I must tell you that there are some special things that make this comfy outfit look stylish, but not like I tried too hard (which is what I love because then it looks like I don't try, I am just naturally this way). The secret is in the long necklace (which takes it out of pajama zone), the small earrings (because we still want it to exude the presence of not trying to hard) and last but not least leave off the majority of your makeup, just keep that au natural look. The way to achieve this is just put on your normal foundation; put it on the eyelids as well to give them some color, but not give away that you have anything on your eyes. Then add some mascara and eyeliner. For the eyeliner I use a gray, because it keeps that natural look, but still outlines your eyes so you don't look like a cancer patient (that statement was for my Shawna because someone said she looked like a cancer patient without eye makeup, wasn't that sweet of them).

Now you know my secrets for an "I didn't try, I just look this great" look.

Monday, December 27, 2010

I am in love with these shoes, thanks mom!

Sorry I was MIA for so long! I had a fabulous Christmas with family, which is part of the reason it took me so long to come back. When we come to Utah it is usually a whirlwind, but it's nice because we get to see a lot of people that we only see sometimes once a year. It just makes us appreciate just how great family is. I am one of the lucky few that loves my in-laws just like my own family (because they are).

Today is picture day with Matt's family so my outfit today is a conservative simple outfit, but I get to show off my new shoes and that is the best part :) You remember those brown shoes I talked about at the beginning of 26 for 26? Yeah, these are them.

(shirt with belt: thrifted, pants: Kohls, shoes: Ross)

Don't mind the straight hair. Matt loves it straight or in a ponytail and since we are taking HIS family pictures then it was his choice how I did it. Usually I don't mind, but today felt like a curly day. Ever have days like that, when you want your hair a certain way? Maybe I am just crazy. 

Yep, pretty much in lust with my new shoes. My mom says "they look like grandma shoes" which is even more of a compliment to me because I love vintage so much :) Even though she thought they were ugly she knew how much I liked them so she got them for me for Christmas. What a great mamasita. 

I also got a Crickut which is super exciting because I can usually only scrapbook when I am in Utah because I love to use my mama's, but now I have my very own and I can't wait to make all sorts of creations. 

What fun things did you get for Christmas? 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

And the Veechay Winner Is....

True Random Number Generator  23

Jenbug said...

I'm a follower!! Love the headband!

TONS of New Years Outfit Ideas!

I have some holiday fashion ideas for that New Years Party that just might blow your mind, or at least I hope they do :)

First idea:  The sequin jacket. I am kind of in love with this jacket, and if you are usually afraid of bold looks, New Years Eve parties are the perfect place to get comfortable with them because it is the time to wear something a little bolder, and a little brighter. You don't want to get too crazy with the sequins though, so just limit it to one item of clothing. That's the secret to being bold, but not over the top :) I love the slouchy shirt look with skinny jeans and a blazer, but sometimes they can be really low in the front. If this is the case, choose another shirt/tank to go underneath it that is another shade of the same color.

Now usually when you think New Years Eve, or Holiday, party you think cocktail dress. This is the usual, but that doesn't mean you can't wear pants. Just make them dressy, or your top dressy and that is all you need to spice up an outfit for your holiday party. For this one I have cuff pants because basically they are my new obsession. Yes, I kind of love them. They are another bold choice that some might not be comfortable with. If not, try out some fun skinny jeans or if you are pear-shaped, try some straight-legged pants that go all the way to the ground. Then spice up the top with a sequin shirt. You can find sequin t-shirts at fun places like Charlotte Russe, but it all you can find is a sequin tank, then try putting a ruffle jacket over it.

Here's my favorite :) The traditional cocktail dress. I have two ideas for this because it seems that you can either find a dress that has sleeves, but is too short, or it is long enough, but no sleeves. Here are two ideas for that predicament. The one above is for if you need sleeve. Start with your favorite cocktail dress. Then find a neutral cardigan that matches the print of the dress. Now, because this cardigan is gray and the dress is black I wanted to spice it up with a fun belt and shoes. You will want to take the belt and wrap it around your waist with the cardigan underneath the belt as well. This way, the cardigan does not overwhelm the dress, and you keep that girlish figure. Then top it off with some fun tights. Now the shoes can either match the belt or the tights. If you are shorter you will want to wear shoes that match the tights to elongate your legs.

Now on to the cocktail dress that is too short. The easy fix is to throw on some fun sequin leggings, or metallic leggings. Now if you don't feel comfortable in leggings that is ok, just find some skinny jeans that are fun. Even if you are pear shaped this will work for you if the dress comes down to at least mid thigh.

These are not all your options, but at least something that get that brain workin!

{Brown and Black Again? This Is Some Kind Of Record}

Yes, I absolutely wore this. And even in public. We went snowboarding yesterday and I didn't bring my stuff because we couldn't pack a lot, so I went downstairs to find something in the laundry room. There were many things I could have chosen but this was absolutely the most fabulous. I actually had a couple people on the mountain tell me my outfit was great. I appreciated this because then they knew I was just being a big dork, NOT that I actually thought I looked great in this 80's one-piece. Most of the other looks were looks of concern for my mental well-being, and those were pretty much just as fun. 

This is what I actually wore today :)

As I am wearing cowboy boots, I thought it only appropriate that I take the pictures next to the horse corral. Again I matched my accessories. Brown boots with brown scarf. Beautiful :) Well, I am off to lunch with some of my besties from high school. Talk to ya later :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


We are off to see Tron today as a family, and I am pretty excited about it. I think Matt peed a little when he found out we were seeing it in 3D because he has been really wanting to see this movie. Well, we are getting ready to leave so this is just a short post today. Hope you have a fabulous day! What fun things are doing over the holiday break?

Basically expect to see a lot of coats and boots while I am here in Utah because it is cold and wet and my little feet are safe and warm in these wonderful boots.

Coat: Old Navy, Shirt: Walmart, Pants: altered Aeropostale, sock: target, Boots: Walmart

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Things And It Isn't Even Christmas Yet

So basically, I am having a great time with family so far and it has been nice having so many sisters to help with Link. I have 4 sisters, and we all get along. We mostly have our whole lives, except for maybe when Marrie and I would pick on Sydney (she deserved it), or when I handcuffed my sisters in the shower and turned on the cold water because they would not listen to me (um....yeah, I am the oldest, why do you ask?). Maybe I will have to get some pics up of all of us. That would be fun, and I like fun.

The other fun part so far is that I got a new purse. I had to get one because Matt accidentally broke mine in the airport. He felt really bad so I forgave him...and it made it easier knowing that I would get a new one :)  Well, new to me, it is thrifted, but that is the best kind, not to mention whoever owned the purse before left me a little mint inside. No I did not eat it, but I thought about it just because my mom looked like she might throw up. Making her cringe is one of my favorite things. This is why we used to chase her with bugs, and reptiles that we found in the backyard.

The other new thing? My hair. It is slightly lighter now. I did it myself, so don't look too close, ok? And the next new thing is my snow boots.

This is my comfy vacation outfit with tons of layers so I stay warm in this blasted cold. Yes I said I love snow, but my Oklahoma bum is used to 60 degree weather. Ok, here is the breakdown: Plaid Shirt: Walmart, Striped shirt:  Ross, Cardigan:  Thifted, Leggings: Walmart, Boots:  Walmart. (wow, walmart should seriously pay me money for all this advertising)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

We made it to Utah just in time! We got here last night and then woke up to a winter wonderland this morning. I don't know what it is, but in Oklahoma, I want it to stay warm, but here, I want snow and lots of it! And I got my wish :) Link is a little unsure about the cold, but I think he is going to be a snow lover like his mom. Mostly I am just excited to snowboard while I am here. Mountains, I have missed you so.

Also, we went to lunch today and while we were there I saw my friend Heather (actually, she saw me first), and it made my day. We made plans to watch out music videos that we made while we were in Middle School. Pretty much they are fabulous. I can't wait to laugh my bum off at them. And who knows? Maybe we will do a sequel?

Ok, so fashion tip today. Not really a tip, more like explaining my process of thinking today. I got this new shirt from my mamasita for our Christmas outfit (she buys us girls all a Christmas outfit still :) It pretty much makes my day) and I can't help but wear new clothes right when I get them. Well the shirt came with this adorable black belt which is great, but I did not pack black shoes that do well in the snow (poor planning on my part) so what was a girl to do? Well, I put on my brown boots and then tied it together with a brown jacket. Thus making black belt with brown shoes socially acceptable. 

Snow is for playing, which might be why I love it so much. 

Now, because my outfit did not have a lot of color, I added the color to my lips. This is a good tip for those who might be a little nervous about bright lip color. I like to add it when I am wearing neutrals. That way it feels more casual, and not so WOWZA. And pretty much I love this lip color that I found in a clearance bin for $1. Oh yeah, bargain shopper baby. 

Cute shirt right? Yeah, mom usually does a great job. Get excited for all sorts of new backdrops at my family's casa. All right, see ya tomorrow!

p.s. Miss you Sassy dog. I keep thinking I see you wandering the house, but then realize you aren't with us anymore. Love you girl, and we will see you on the other side my sweet puppy.