Monday, February 28, 2011

Just a Few of the New Hint of Vintage Fancies

Just a few more items added to Hint of Vintage. I have to be honest, some of these were hard to put up for sale after I paired them to take pictures and thought of all the wonderous possibilities, especially the fabulous plum pleated pants. 

{top left to bottom right: Vintage green dress, Vintage black blazer, Vintage plum pleated pants, Vintage floral calf-length skirt}

I always appreciate feedback, what do you think about these wonderful finds? 

Annual Oscar's Girls Night

Here are my fabulous girls that showed up for the party, all dressed up and walking down the red carpet {which you can't see, but I promise you I made one and we are standing on it}. 

And here are the nights events:

{Enjoying the yummy grub}

{And the party wouldn't be complete without some mock-champagne}

{sisters if you couldn't tell, and practically both my sisters as well}

{This is a good shot of the bar Matti was working from. Only creating mock-tails of course. He did an awesome job, and I think the fan favorite was the Cosmo-Not}

{The sexy bartender}

{I enlisted our men's help, and stdrov's paparazzi outfit might just have been my favorite outfit of the night :) I even made him a press pass. The men were an awesome help}

{Me, trying to get another site to stream online, but they all kept getting blocked. Imagine that! Not like it is illegal to do that or anything}

{We all filled out the nominations ballet and April won for the second year in a row! So she got a little diddy from Hint of Vintage. I don't think Shawna was very happy about it because she really loved the necklace}

{I thought a thank you was in order for the girls coming, so I made them all earrings with a thank you note. Most brought yummy food, and...well, it wouldn't have been a party if they weren't there, so thank you ladies!}

{and here was proof I had a red carpet. And sorry it was sideways, I can't get blogger to upload it right, but you get the picture}

And so there was the fabulous Oscar's party. It was so much fun! Thanks again ladies for coming, and thanks Matt for being one hot bartender with awesome drinks, and for Stdrov being our paparazzi all night and getting all these great pics!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Date Night With My Men

So date nights on Fridays usually happen around 3 pm since I work all night, but hey, we get them in when we can :) Today's date: Chili's. Basically that is where we choose to go almost every time because we love it.

Here we are on our date. I even managed to get our waiter in the back {unintentional}. And if you think my husband is ugly, that is his own dang fault because he makes the most ridiculous faces in every picture I take of him. Now my little man Link, on the other hand, is a total camera cheese if you can't tell by this picture. He poses just about every time he sees a camera. 

Here's the whole outfit:

{shirt: Ross, cardigan: thrifted LOFT, pants: thrifted j.crew, shoes: Ross, earrings: F21}

Found these j.crew wide-leg pants at, you guessed it, the thrift store. I am in love with the fit, even though you can't really tell how awesome they are in this pic. I am pretty sure that there is a j.crew fairy somewhere here in Norman, in my size, that loves to drop off j.crew beauties at the Goodwill for me to find, buy and cherish because I am always finding awesome j.crew stuff {which is normally uber expensive and completely out of my price range, which is why I am thankful for my little Norman fairy}. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Share Your Treasure

This was my vintage treasure I found, that I redesigned for my Etsy shop Hint of Vintage. I kept laughing in the before picture because Matt kept cracking jokes about how ugly it was. I think he changed his tune after he saw the alterations :)

What's your thrifted treasure?

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Battle Wounds

Poor Link has had a rough week already, and has the battle wounds to prove it. First, he loves to antagonize our cat Ike, who actually has a lot of patience for it, but unfortunately sometimes Link pushes him to the breaking point, and then gets some warning scratches to back-off.

Next, I take him to Zumba with me in the mornings, and it seems he is a pushing magnet. He doesn't realize that, although he can pull on mom's arm to get my attention, pulling on a kid's arm is grounds for getting shoved. So, today he got pushed down and got a little black eye. Part of me thinks it is adorable, but the bigger part of me wants to make it better. So...I got him a laffy taffy :) He NEVER gets candy, so this is a big treat for him. As you can tell, because he wouldn't put it down for the camera.

There is his little eye. It isn't terrible now, luckily the swelling went down pretty fast. But it was the result of TONS of mommy kisses to make it better. He is totally fine now, probably doesn't even remember it happening, but it gives me more excuses to snuggle him {as if I needed more}. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3rd Grade Jersey

This Jersey brings me back to 3rd grade {when I first got it}, playing soccer and thinkin I was somethin cool. For some reason, my memory of playing soccer is a lot different than my mom's. I thought I was really good, and I remember one time the ball went into a puddle and I was the only one man enough to go in and kick it out....Apparently this is about the only time I kicked the ball. Mom says I was scared of it, which makes sense why I would get it out of a puddle...because no one else would kick me instead of the ball.

{shirt: it was 3rd grade, I have no idea, pants: thrifted, shoes: Journey's, earrings: F21, necklace: gift}

You could probably find a really great jersey like this one in your thrift store's little boy section. My cousin always found way cute stuff there, and opened me up to the knowledge that I could shop anywhere in the thrift store, not just the women's section. 

I love this look. It mixes tomboy with girlie, with the sporty jersey, but the high-waisted pants that flatter my girlish figure. I have to say that this might be one of my favorite outfits I have put together. I think it epitomizes my style to a tee, just a little bit different, comfy, but girlie. 

That is what is so fun about this blog for me, it has helped me to break out of the box and get creative with fashion. Matt would say "thanks" to this blog for helping me dress like a girl. Apparently when we met, he wasn't impressed with my "snowboarder girl" wear. Probably didn't help that I dressed like all my guy boarder friends. It truly is amazing he found me attractive since I didn't really shower that much then because I figured "hey, I am just going to get sweaty tomorrow boarding again." And now you know my dirty secret. -ha, get it "dirty". Ahh, I kill myself!

Monday, February 21, 2011

{My Man Mondays} V-neck Shirts?

This My Man Monday is actually more of a question/answer post today. I have been struggling with the question "Are v-neck shirts ok for straight men to wear?". And so I thought I would ask you ladies, and gentlemen, what do you think? Ladies, do you think that v-necks are sexy/manly?

{Exhibit A}

{Exhibit B}

{Exhibit C}

{Exhibit D}

So, after taking a gander at just a few v-neck shirts, what is your verdict? Do you want to see your man in a v-neck? Honestly, I am starting to think that if they wear them like Zac Effron in Exhibit B, with just some jeans and flip flops, that it is kind of hot....but, I don't see convincing Matt any time soon, unfortunately :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011


So it turns out today that I only had enough energy to get dressed for church, take these pictures, drive to church, sit down in sacrament for all of 10 minutes, and then have to leave because I was feeling miserable. Woe is the life of us girls during that time of the month. 

{shirt: Hint of Vintage, skirt: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, belt: thrifted, earrings: F21}

Ok, I am going to go now. I feel like I am giving birth again. Only consolation is that I know it won't last 22 hours, and that Ibprofen should do the trick (prescription strength, that is).  

Friday, February 18, 2011

Hint of Vintage Military Sweater

Love this sweater? Um, yeah, me too! It mixes lace, vintage and military all in one bundle of soft fleece so it is super comfy too. Want to know where you can get one of your own?

Hint of Vintage, that's where! And to top it all off, you can get 15% off any purchase there with the coupon code: modestfashionsense. You've gotta love discounts, especially for tops this cute that would cost over 40 dollars somewhere like Anthropologie. Just make sure you hurry, because there are only 4 left. 

Matchy Matchy

I feel very matchy matchy today, and made me think of The Hills when they first started there internship and the lady rips off her belt because it matches her shoes and tells them to not look too put-together. Anyway, I always think of that when I think I match "too much", whatever that means :)

{dress: thrifted (and I am pretty sure someone handmade it, which is super awesome), cardigan: Kohls, belt: thrifted, shoes: thrifted, necklace: gift, earrings: F21}

And can I just say how excited I am that 5 people added their thrifted treasure yesterday? Yeah, I am super pumped! I am glad that people get as excited about their great finds as I do. In fact, this entire outfit, minus the cardigan was thrifted :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} An Inspiration Book & Share Your Treasure

For this Thrifty Thursday, I wanted to share another tip that might help you while you are wandering through the thrift store, aimlessly.

Make an Inspiration Book:

Here is mine. I took a cute journal, one of my fashion magazines and started ripping out pictures of outfits or clothes that I liked. 

Then I started pasting them into the book. (I also did hair inspirations). I realized that turning down the corners of my favorite pages did not make it easy for me to get inspiration, nor did cut down on clutter because I was saving the whole magazine for just a few pictures. 

But when I started cutting the pictures out and pasting them all into one book, I learned a lot about my own personal style. I also noticed how much that helped while I was thrifting, because I had an idea of what I was looking for. Whether it was bohemian, anything floral or striped, or a cute skirt. It put a little more order to the thrifting chaos. 

I hope this suggestion helps on this Thrifty Thursday. Now let's share some thrifted treasures!!!
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Not to Brag...But My Little Man is Awesome

I took Link on a long adventure today, from Zumba, to bank errands, to lunch with my fabulous Laurels, to the gas station, and then grocery shopping. You would think after all this that he would be a cranky butt...well, he was, but during all those things he was a little angel, smiling with those big gapped teeth, and it made me realize just how lucky I am to have such a sweet little man.

Not to mention how much fun he has been since he started dancing :) He has memorized the Blue's Clues dance, and anytime we say the word "blue" or pull up netflix on the xbox, he immediately starts waving with his hands, shaking his bum, and "putting it in his notebook" with his hands. I have to say, it sort-of-completely melts my heart.

And so there is my ode to my sweet baby boy, who is growing up really fast, and manages to make me smile at least 6 out of 7 days of the week (let's not get too crazy here, we still have bad days after all), and gives me kisses whenever I ask (even if sometimes it ends up like a puppy kiss, wet and slobbery).

{Shorts: Maurices, shirt: Ross, shoes: an Asian boutique, necklace: handmade, bracelets: handmade}

I have always been in love with these wide leg shorts, because they make my upper legs seem slimmer :) Which is always a necessity when I purchase pants/shorts. 

Everyone ready for Thrifty Thursday tomorrow? Get those thrifty pics together to share with us all!