Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Managed to Get a Picture Taken

An outfit post, finally! lol. Listen I looked terrible ALL last week, I didn't shower for most of it which means greasy hair and blotchy face. Not to mention I was hunched over because of pain so all-in-all I think if I had taken a picture you might have mistaken me for Quasimodo.  

{long-sleeved shirt: Walmart, v-neck: Aeropostale, pants: thrifted, snow boots: Walmart, earrings: gift from sis, belt: thrifted}

You remember the look I told you to try with wide leg pants? Well, after I gave that advice I wanted to try it because it sounded great in my head. Turns out I still think it was great, but these flares aren't really wide leg pants. O'well, you work with what you have got (and I have got to find out where I left my wide-leg pants! They better not be in Utah or I will cry). 

Now I am off to watch more Desperate Housewives. I found it on Netflix and may, or may not, be addicted to it. It is slightly hilarious. And when I say "slightly" what I mean is Extremely :)

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