Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Floral Shirt

Ok, so I told you I would be lazy, but it turns out that down-time with Matt home meant that I could finally make the shirt that I have been thinking about for a while. I found this floral fabric on sale at Walmart while I was picking up the fringe and have been dreaming of creating something fabulous with it. I have been thinking of different shirts that I could make because I have been wanting a floral shirt for a while that was loose fitting, then when I saw this dress that Sisters 4 made I couldn't stop myself from thinking that my shirt-to-be needed ruffles around the neck as well. Because the fabric is so "busy" I added another color to the ruffle so that you could see the ruffle (because at first it just blended in and lost the affect).

So, here it is: **please ignore the faces I am making. I have cold sores and so my lips don't want to move**

I had the ruffle end part way in the back to add to the "rough" look of the shirt. 

Ta-da! So that is the shirt that resulted from fabulous fabric and free time. Thanks Matt for watching Link while I did this, and thank you mom for the sewing machine that you gave me many Christmas's ago. 

**fringe necklace fashion pics to come, I promise**


  1. Fantabulous! I seriously need to get back to my lonely sewing machine!

  2. I also LOVE those pants! I want to somehow refashion some but can't figure it out yet.