Monday, February 7, 2011

{My Man Mondays} V-neck Sweater

It is still freezing outside, so we are still talking winter attire here. Now let's talk v-neck sweaters. I have been trying to get Matt to wear one forever, but he is afraid if he does not wear ratty/old-and-nasty clothes that people will confuse him for a metrosexual, so instead he would rather be confused for the homeless.

Nonetheless, the v-neck sweater is great because it is versatile. You've got:

Work appropriate with just the collared shirt underneath,

More casual with just a tee under,

A v-neck sweater vest instead for those hot-blooded creatures,

And then the "ready for Sunday" look with a collared shirt and tie. 

So it looks like any day of the week is perfect for the v-neck sweater, and we didn't even go into fun patterns. If you don't think the v-neck sweater is spicy enough for your wardrobe, pick one that has a unique pattern on it. Oh the endless possibilities. Be aware that fashion trends are working more towards the slimmer fitting sweaters, so don't get too baggy with this look. Remember, we are not going for homeless. 

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