Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Wander Aimlessly

Ok, still sick here, and now my boys are too, but I didn't want to leave you hanging any longer. These pants are one of my favorite thrifted treasures. So I decided to put a picture of them with two more tips to help you succeed during your next thrifting adventure.

#3. Wander Aimlessly: Even if you are looking for something specific, take a couple of minutes to just browse, that is usually when I find my favorite treasures. Venture out to a new section. Maybe you always just look at the shoes, try going down every pant isle, or blouse isle. Find something you like? Throw it in the basket and remember the most important thing is to try on EVERYTHING. That way you don't go home with something that doesn't fit right, or leave something that maybe would have fit better.

#4. Be Creative:  Thrift stores allow you to be creative with your style. Why? Because when you only have to pay 3.99 for a pair of pants, you are much more willing to try something a little different. So use your thrift store to help you step out of your comfort style box, and try a different style, or a new color.

For tips #1 and #2 go here.


  1. i'm so sorry you've been sick. my girls are, too, and it stinks all around to have an unhealthy household. that being said...YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! what a faaaaahbulous ensemble. i'm loving every.stinking.thing.about it. bravo.

  2. thank you so much! Sickness is so stinky, I hope your household gets better soon too!

  3. Ok, I just love love love these britches! Da bomb!