Monday, February 21, 2011

{My Man Mondays} V-neck Shirts?

This My Man Monday is actually more of a question/answer post today. I have been struggling with the question "Are v-neck shirts ok for straight men to wear?". And so I thought I would ask you ladies, and gentlemen, what do you think? Ladies, do you think that v-necks are sexy/manly?

{Exhibit A}

{Exhibit B}

{Exhibit C}

{Exhibit D}

So, after taking a gander at just a few v-neck shirts, what is your verdict? Do you want to see your man in a v-neck? Honestly, I am starting to think that if they wear them like Zac Effron in Exhibit B, with just some jeans and flip flops, that it is kind of hot....but, I don't see convincing Matt any time soon, unfortunately :)


  1. I think if the "v" is high, it looks nice, but no dice if I start seeing man-cleavage. : )

  2. i love v necks on guys personally, but i agree also that too much skin showing is bad.

  3. haha! "Man cleavage", that is awesome :) I think you girls hit it right on the mark with the high "v"

  4. If it is a white, regular, v-neck and if it is buttonup patterned, the teal was a little much for me!!

  5. I like the look all but ex. D his is way to deep of a v I would think he snagged it from his gf

  6. my rule of thumb is that we should never see cleavage or chest hair. and zac efron can wear whatever he wants. whenever he wants.