Monday, February 28, 2011

Annual Oscar's Girls Night

Here are my fabulous girls that showed up for the party, all dressed up and walking down the red carpet {which you can't see, but I promise you I made one and we are standing on it}. 

And here are the nights events:

{Enjoying the yummy grub}

{And the party wouldn't be complete without some mock-champagne}

{sisters if you couldn't tell, and practically both my sisters as well}

{This is a good shot of the bar Matti was working from. Only creating mock-tails of course. He did an awesome job, and I think the fan favorite was the Cosmo-Not}

{The sexy bartender}

{I enlisted our men's help, and stdrov's paparazzi outfit might just have been my favorite outfit of the night :) I even made him a press pass. The men were an awesome help}

{Me, trying to get another site to stream online, but they all kept getting blocked. Imagine that! Not like it is illegal to do that or anything}

{We all filled out the nominations ballet and April won for the second year in a row! So she got a little diddy from Hint of Vintage. I don't think Shawna was very happy about it because she really loved the necklace}

{I thought a thank you was in order for the girls coming, so I made them all earrings with a thank you note. Most brought yummy food, and...well, it wouldn't have been a party if they weren't there, so thank you ladies!}

{and here was proof I had a red carpet. And sorry it was sideways, I can't get blogger to upload it right, but you get the picture}

And so there was the fabulous Oscar's party. It was so much fun! Thanks again ladies for coming, and thanks Matt for being one hot bartender with awesome drinks, and for Stdrov being our paparazzi all night and getting all these great pics!


  1. this looks like such a BLAST! love love love that you all dress up in your glam and have your own red carpet experience--what a great idea!

  2. Thank you, it was a blast dressing up! Girl's just wanna have fun, right? :)

  3. It was soooo much fun! Thanks for doing that Ruby!

  4. seriously awesome that you did an oscar's party and you dressed up!!!
    I'm having a giveaway!! Cardigans and Cookie Dough