Friday, February 4, 2011

Wide Leg Pants

Why am I so excited that wide leg pants are making a come back? 

Well, besides the fact that they are uber cute, they also look great on ANYBODY. Not to be mistaken with big flares, these pants are only snug at the hips and upper thighs and then widen out from there, hiding big hips (my birthin hips as my mom so delicately put it) and slimming out your legs. I have always been in love with the hippie style (plus a bra, cause lets be honest, they usually were missing one). 

This is how I would style your wide leg jeans. Put it together with a loose fitting shirt that is tucked into the pants which are held by a braided belt. Put it together with some heels, or wedges to continue the appearance of slender, long legs. Then spice it up with a long necklace.

Now I can't wait to have some wide leg jeans of my own. Maybe once we start feeling better I will scope out the thrift store for some wide leg treasures :)

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