Monday, January 3, 2011

{My Man Mondays} The Cardigan

While visiting with Matt's family over the Christmas break, my fashion blog came up, and I was asked the intriguing question "Do you ever do men's outfits?". I answered no, but that was an avenue I wouldn't mind trying. Then we got into the topic of what it is now. Of course I had to throw out the cardigan (my obsession now continues to men's fashion). His wife laughed and said "Mr. Rogers cardigans?".....mmm, actually yes :)

Because of this intriguing conversation I have decided to start My Man Mondays, because lets be honest women (or most of us), we dress our men (or maybe should. Now every Monday you will have some inspiration on the side of men's fashion.

Enjoy our first My Man Monday!

Here are a few examples of some cardigans that work for men these days. If you can't tell, there really is not a limited supply of designs that work. These are dressier ways to wear a cardigan. You can throw the cardigan over a button-up like in the left upper picture, and then roll the sleeves. Rolling the sleeves up is the important part of the outfit to make it less Mr. Rogers and more "up-to-date". 

Here is the more casual way to wear the cardigan; just throw it over a tee (v-neck or round), and put on a pair of jeans. Comfy and warm with this chilly winter and add a cardigan with a fun (masculine) color like mustard yellow for the spring season. 

I just liked this in-between classy and comfortable look with the tee underneath, but paired with khakis to make it slightly dressier for a date. 

Ok, ladies, this is just our first day. Get ready to dress that man up. And Mike, here is your how-to to wear that cardigan that you wanted to buy, without looking like Mr. Rogers :)


  1. Yay for man cardigans...manigans. Cheesetastic? Yes. Thanks for the sweetie words on the blog! I wish I could convince boyfriend to venture into the man cardigan. Alas, I am still working on the sweater. He prefers sporting the lumberjack look. Cheers to 2011!

  2. Okay, this will take some serious wifery. I like the man cardigan look. Husband? Not so much. But maybe if some of them just happened to show up on his side of the closet... :)

  3. I am in the same boat with husband not being totally converted to the manigan (love the word!), but so far, if I can convince him to wear something, and then he sees he looks good in it, I have won the battle because he will start wearing it of his own free will :)

  4. i guess i'm lucky my husband did like it.. at first he was like.. "mm not for me" but then he got nice comments about it and now he likes them. :D

  5. Nice post Ruby! I will have to let Mike know about the cardigan or should I say "manigan"! I don't know if he knows you have started your Man Mondays yet. I will have to show him what ideas you have. Too bad he is in Africa for another week and a half. He has not bought a cardigan yet...I'm not too into them, but if we can find the right one that I can tollerate then maybe... :)

  6. hahah! At least you an put him in a good shirt and then he can just wear the cardigan at school :) just avoid the mustard yellow for him to avoid the Mr. Rogers look, lol! Love you guys :)