Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Thrifting Day Is My Favorite Day

Today I get to go thrifting. Matt's mom and I both love it so we are going to go explore today. It is always better in smaller towns (like where they live) because lots of older people drop of their delicious retro clothes (just have to wash them because they smell like a grandma), and their vintage attire is usually left untouched because most can't/don't see their potential. Hence why I am so uber excited to go.

(Gray denim: Walmart, Shoes: Ross, Shirt: Aeropostale, Jacket: thrifted, Belt: thrifted, Necklace: Dollar Jewelry)

Yeah, don't I just look comfy? That was the idea. I was not feeling so hot yesterday when I took these pictures so I chose to take them sitting down in a chair. Good thing I took some witch-doctor Nutribiotic and felt better for my date last night with Matti. We went and saw True Grit. Iiii'm still not sure I liked it. I am not really into revenge stories, or fingers getting cut off, or watching someone get a bullet through the front of their face. Call me crazy! I think I am too sensitive to movies because I can't separate that they are MOVIES, not real life, and I get emotionally infested in them very easy. This isn't to say I am a movie sissy, The Dark Knight is my very favorite movie of all time and let's be honest, the Joker is a seriously scary nutcase (which is why he was so fun to watch). 

Alright, I am off to thrift! If I find anything awesome I will be sure to post/wear it tomorrow :)

Wish me luck! Maybe I will find something that I can show off tomorrow.