Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tall Socks

I have to say that I was a little skeptical of the tall socks with boots look, but I after having given it careful consideration, I think I might just be converted (ok, we obviously know I am converted because the last two looks have incorporated it!).

Cute, right? And can still be done in the winter, just throw on tights, then the tall socks, and then some boots. Pair this look with a dress to give a casual, but classy, look. Make sure the dress is long enough of course, and then don't let the sock come above the knees, like in the second picture. 

Another idea, throw on some leggings/jeggings, some tall socks, and boots. Maybe put this look together with a cute sweater for winter time. When it gets into spring time, try a loose fitting, "just woke up" kind of shirt with this look. 

(Sweater: Kohls, Shirt: Aeropostale, Pants: Walmart, Socks: Target, Shoes: Ross, Earrings: Hint of Vintage)

Honestly, if I had the option, I would have worn this outfit with stockings that went all the way past my knees, and bunched right above the knee. Also, I LOVE the ruffle stockings in the slide below. Yeah, pretty much they are on my wish list :)


  1. Good for you! Welcome to the club. And, hi, so much warmer, right? I love those ruffle socks, too. And your outfit which is nothing like just-woke-up or whatever but is actually perfect for a winter day, all day! And this comment is already too long. And not funny. Two strikes. 'Kay bye.

  2. Socks and boots is my favorite thing! Especially since I'm kind of obsessed with my boots that look exactly like the ones in the second picture!
    And I love the socks you chose as the examples! So cute cause I don't have any with lace yet!!