Thursday, January 13, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Floral Dress

Do you remember when I posted THIS dress after my thrifting day out? You may have been thinking that in lacked in potential, or maybe you saw what a treasure it was. For those of you who didn't quite see the potential and might have referred to it as "the polygamist wife dress", as Matt so kindly put it, I have pictures to show you it did not end up that way. Matt even went so far as to say, "I never second guess you anymore, even when you bring home ugly dresses, because you could make a paper bag look good....Derilict!". I have to also say that he seemed very impressed with himself for that Zoolander reference.

Without further adieu,

(Dress: thrifted, Cardigan: Kohls, Socks: (from 4th grade so beats me!), Boots: TJ Maxx, Belt: thrifted)

As you might have already noticed, some of these pictures have POOR lighting. That would be because Matt took excellent pictures, and then my camera decided to be poop again, and they got messed up in the downloading process. 

I didn't so much care about pictures I could take again, but in this bunch were pictures of Link's 1st haircut. Baaaah, one day I will have a fabulous camera and fabulous computer so poop like this doesn't happen again...poop...ok, I feel a little better now. 

Good news? I have some super duper fun shoes I thrifted two days ago with Shawna, I will show you next Thursday :) Be excited


  1. Looks fabulous! I found a dress that was similar, but it was a little small so I didn't get it and my husband was questioning it too.

  2. Love this look, especially the boots and socks.

  3. Color me convinced! You did a great job with that dress. Did you alter it in any way, or did you just match it up with the right cardigan and belt to make it LOOK like a completely different dress?

  4. I brought it up a little because it was an unflattering length, but that was it :)