Saturday, January 15, 2011


You are going to see a progression of emotion in these pictures. The first pictures are after Matt says (facetiously of course), "Cool hat babe." So I get mad and you see that. Then I just ignore him, and start telling him to just take pictures. And then he says, "Ok, bossy." And then I start laughing because I know that it is true. Then I get mad again because Matt says, "You are laughing because you know I am right" and I hate those words so he gets one final glare. Then we kiss and make up. That's the most important part. Or at least my favorite :)

I love my fedora, but I couldn't think of what shirt to wear with it, so I just sewed this one so that I could have an oversized batwing tee. Thank you sweet ladies who didn't want their masses of fabric and gave it to me for free so that I can make shirts on the fly, like this one. 

Don't be too impressed. For every 1 shirt that works out, 5 lay in scraps on the floor doomed to the scraps pile because they didn't turn out how I imagined. But still fun to try :)

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