Thursday, January 20, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Black Booties

Well, so much for that Oklahoma winter, I totally spoke too soon on that one, lol. The best part is, do you see how there isn't really snow, just a bunch of flurries that chose to stick around? Yeah...the whole town shut down :) Schools closed, the college closed, jobs closed (obviously not Walmart which you can see is my backyard). Last year when we had a bunch of ACTUAL blizzards the town ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, the day before, trying to prepare for the storm. 

Ok, I am not really being fair because they aren't used to it and I am, but it does make me giggle a little. And in all honesty, I would really prefer that people who are not used to driving in snow, stay home. It is safer that way for everyone :)

Well, since it is Thrift Thursday today, I am going to share a thrifty treat that I have found. Usually I pair it with an outfit, but today is snow day, which means jammie day. So I will make up for it with some tips for thrifting that might help YOU find that treasure the next time you go :)

Now here is my treasure! I have been really excited to show you guys so that I can start wearing them :)

I am in love with the elastic and buttons, and the way they make me think of a 1920's flapper girl. If you haven't noticed, I am kind of a connoisseur of anything vintage. Also, anything that is just a little bit different.

So here are some tips that might help you out the next time you are thrifting.


Have an idea about your style before you head in. You are going to find lots of things there because they are usually huge stores, but what are you actually going to wear? Think of the outfit you have in mind for that item. If it is something that brings an outfit to mind right away, then it is a keeper. If not, throw it back.


Just look around. Just because you went to the thrift store, doesn't mean you have to leave with something. While you are there pile your basket with ANYTHING that looks worth keeping, and then try it ALL on. You will know, when it is on you, whether or not it is worth keeping. If you are not TOTALLY in love with it, throw it back. If you leave with nothing, don't be discouraged, because that store is always changing and you might just get uber lucky another time.

There are two tips to start out with :) More will come with each Thursday!


  1. I have a problem with leaving empty handed and only buying what I love. I'll have something I sort of like and it's only $3 so I think I might as well buy it then I get it home, realize I hate it and never wear it again, usually sending it back to the thrift store. It's a sad cycle. But I'm trying to get better. Can't wait to see you style those shoes!

    Coffee and Inspiration

  2. Snow day=jammie day? LOVE this ideology!