Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Share Your Treasure

I thought about how I always get to share my thrifty treasures with you, but how I don't get to share in your excitement when you get your own. So I found a solution (with the help of Clothed Much-thanks Elaine for teaching me that there was such a way possible!). You can add a picture of your thrifted treasure (either wearing it, or just a picture alone of the item) with a caption about why it is your favorite thrifted treasure.

***Please make sure to add this button to your blog before adding your thrifty  treasures to the list! Now let's share in your treasure!!


  1. holy cow, i checked out the blog of #2 comment that she refashioned into a cute sweater.....anyway, Ruby i would love it if you could make one of my hideous shirts into that, i could mail you one!

    luv ya

  2. Shoot, found this a little too late. Hope you'll consider making it a regular feature - thrifted stuff is the winner of all time. =)