Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We are home safe and sound from our trip to San Antonio, and I am thinking that a nice relaxing day is in order. Link threw up a couple of times on the way home, so we have tried to get him to sleep a lot so his little body can get better, and Matt has meetings today so I get to just have some nice relax time. At this moment I am eating cheetos (crunchy of course), drinking a diet pepsi and watching Grey's Anatomy. This is my kind of relax time :)

{coat: Old Navy, sweater: thrifted, skirt: Vintage (mom's closet), belt: thrifted, socks: Dollar Tree, boots: Ross, rose earrings: F21}

I am excited that the "Carrie bun" is in (I may or may not have had a Sex and the City splurge with roommates my first year of college), because it is easy, it looks better when my hair is greasy (perfect), and it looks sleek. So thanks Carrie, and runway models for making is look so good that us simple folk can now sport it with pride :)

Well, have a wonderful lazy Sunday (even if the break only lasts 15 min) :)

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  1. Your Carrie bun is primo. I love how it can look messy and chic at the same time. That Carrie Bradshaw - she's affected us all (even us Mormon girls! how did that happen? =).