Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What A Scare Matti

Sorry folks that this post was so late, but today was quite the day. It started last night when Matt had serious abdominal pain, then this morning it was worse so his dad took him to the doctor. They did a pushing test to check for appendicitis but there was no pain so they gave him a CT just to make sure. Turns out he DID have appendicitis, but just that it grew sideways so the normal palpable test did not work. He had to get it taken out today, which was a big scare for him because he hates to be put under with anesthesia.

It didn't really hit me until after he went in for surgery how scary surgery is, no matter how noninvasive the surgery is. It sure made me appreciate him just a little bit more.

The funny thing is, that the part that made me the saddest was thinking that I would never get to tell Matt that they found a third nipple and that they had to remove it. Yes, you read right :) We always thought it was a skin flap and we called it his twin and it hung of his hip (just a wee little guy). Matt might just kill me for telling you this, but it made my night.

Funny how this is thing that made me the saddest, but that is mine and Matt's little thing, our inside joke, and it made me sad to think I wouldn't be able to share it with him as dumb as that sounds.

Luckily, he made it through and so I will carry on and show you my treasures from yesterday's thrifting excursion.

First, and most favorite, this amazing dress! Don't judge it quite yet, I have to make some alterations, but I am so excited to show you (on myself) after the changes have been made :)

I LOVE the fabric/pattern, and the buttons and lace collar just add to the deliciousness of it all. Oh man, I can't wait to go home and fix this!!

The second thing I found, was not for me, but an adorable vest for my little man. He looks so stinkin cute in it I had to show you pics. 

And Last but not least, these awesome shoes :) Followed by my outfit where I show them off just a little bit more. 

Super easy, I just threw on one of Matt's sweaters, a long dangly necklace, my pair of boyfriend distressed jeans, and my fab thrifted shoes. Voila, comfy and chic. 

Well, that's all for tonight folks, I have to go hug my healthy man, and laugh together about his removed third nipple. Good night ya'll. 

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  1. those shoes are adorable, nice work! and link is precious :)