Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beach Pants

Perhaps it was checking out Pacsun's lookbook, or maybe it was walking through there at the mall, but I felt like wearing my pants from Tilly's that I am kind of in love with. They are so comfy and I have had them for...well...forever :) I remember getting them while I was with Matt at a Psychology conference in Florida. I had all day to do what I wanted and so I went to the mall to look around and watch a movie. Matt and I have always been poor while we have been married because...well...he has always been in school (smarty pants), and since we were/are poor, I wasn't supposed to buy too much. Now I have always been one for sales and usually only buy something if it is at an incredible price, but when I saw these pants I knew I had to have them. And that is the story of my cool surfer pants :) (I am pretending that you cared to know).

(shirt: Ross, sweater: IDK, pants: Tilly's, earrings: gift from sis)

I have loved the big sweatshirts that kind of have that 80's over the shoulder look, but then the top is a little wide and shows more than I want, so I thought I would solve that by throwing a tee underneath, and to spice it up, I made it a striped shirt.

Tomorrow I have a fun new thing I am going to try because I have been getting emails from sweet followers telling me about treasures they found, and so on Thrifty Thursday tomorrow I want to see what you have found. Be prepared to upload a thrifty photo :)


  1. LOVE these pants. I have had an affection for linen...for pretty much ever. Blame it on being a Florida girl. We're beachy like that.

  2. OMGosh I love those stinckin' cute!! I love the 80's lookin' shirts too. But you're right, sometimes they show a little too much of the goods. You have such a great style...I would LOVE to go shopping with you...especially since you seem to respect a budget and are pulled to a sale!!

  3. I love your pants Ruby! They are so cute!

  4. Crystal I would so be your shopping buddy! :) And thanks heather and Ramsey, they are so comfy and wonderful :)

  5. wow this outfit is adorable!! I love finding new people that can dress modestly and still look gorgeous!! keep it up:]