Friday, January 28, 2011

Remember The Alamo

***side note before I start my post, a BIG THANK YOU! to the two ladies who posted something yesterday :) I will figure out, and hopefully before next week, how you can add pictures because it did not work how I wanted it too. O'well, we live we learn!***

Link and I took an adventure today, while Matt was at his conference, and went and saw The Alamo. It was a pretty sweet building/cluster of buildings, and extremely gorgeous and green. I loved it, and it actually kept Link's attention better than I thought it would.

{this was Link all day, waving at strangers and saying "hi". He is stinkin friendly and the ladies love him already***sheesh***}

I just want to say that I have had a great time today in San Antonio. Some parts are a little sketchy (like where our hotel is), but where the Alamo is, and the historical downtown, is so beautiful. I wish they still cared about architecture now-a-days. Back then, everything was built so beautifully, with ornate designs, that I think are breathtaking. Matt always tells me "calm down" when we hit a historic downtown I anywhere because I almost hyperventilate I get so excited about how beautiful it all is. 

Plus, since we have been here, the nicest guys have helped me. They have opened doors, helped me with Link's stroller, offered to take pictures, and I think it is WONDERFUL! Yes, I am a capable woman and can do all those things on my own, but I am a sucker for chivalry. I think it is one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have is to respect the people around him, enough, to help someone out, like myself, who seems just a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of taking a stroller down a flight of stairs by myself. 

So thank you San Antonio for your hospitality and your beautiful architecture. (just make sure you stay on the right side of town because one block the wrong way and YIKES, "hide your kids, hide your wife..." territory)

Here is a picture of the whole outfit. I have to say I felt a lot prettier and Audrey Hepburn-like than this picture seems to capture. Plus, Matt and I haven't quite figured out photography yet, which results in psychodelic looking pants, that are actually just striped. (another thrifty treasure. J.Crew pants for 2 bucks, normally $118. I am not a "brand-name" sort of person, but it makes me giggle to know I saved 116 dollars on a pair of pants. woop woop).

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