Sunday, January 30, 2011

Just a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

We are home safe and sound from our trip to San Antonio, and I am thinking that a nice relaxing day is in order. Link threw up a couple of times on the way home, so we have tried to get him to sleep a lot so his little body can get better, and Matt has meetings today so I get to just have some nice relax time. At this moment I am eating cheetos (crunchy of course), drinking a diet pepsi and watching Grey's Anatomy. This is my kind of relax time :)

{coat: Old Navy, sweater: thrifted, skirt: Vintage (mom's closet), belt: thrifted, socks: Dollar Tree, boots: Ross, rose earrings: F21}

I am excited that the "Carrie bun" is in (I may or may not have had a Sex and the City splurge with roommates my first year of college), because it is easy, it looks better when my hair is greasy (perfect), and it looks sleek. So thanks Carrie, and runway models for making is look so good that us simple folk can now sport it with pride :)

Well, have a wonderful lazy Sunday (even if the break only lasts 15 min) :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lost and Found

Link has had a bad habit, while we have been on vacation, with taking things out of the trash in our hotel, and putting things in it. Which is why when I had been searching and searching for my shoe and couldn't find it I immediately went to the trash can. Sure enough, it was there. In the trash, covered in goop. Thank heavens for little boys :)

{shirt:Walmart, jacket: Thrifted, pants: Walmart, shoes: Ross, earrings: F21}

I got these earrings yesterday on Link and my adventure. We stopped by the mall and had to check out Forever 21. I have to say that this was an exciting trip, because I was unaware that they had earrings for $1.50! Kind of exciting. And pretty excited for these anchor earrings for the summer time. Now I just need to get a yacht to wear them on. I'll let you know when that happens...50 years from now. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Remember The Alamo

***side note before I start my post, a BIG THANK YOU! to the two ladies who posted something yesterday :) I will figure out, and hopefully before next week, how you can add pictures because it did not work how I wanted it too. O'well, we live we learn!***

Link and I took an adventure today, while Matt was at his conference, and went and saw The Alamo. It was a pretty sweet building/cluster of buildings, and extremely gorgeous and green. I loved it, and it actually kept Link's attention better than I thought it would.

{this was Link all day, waving at strangers and saying "hi". He is stinkin friendly and the ladies love him already***sheesh***}

I just want to say that I have had a great time today in San Antonio. Some parts are a little sketchy (like where our hotel is), but where the Alamo is, and the historical downtown, is so beautiful. I wish they still cared about architecture now-a-days. Back then, everything was built so beautifully, with ornate designs, that I think are breathtaking. Matt always tells me "calm down" when we hit a historic downtown I anywhere because I almost hyperventilate I get so excited about how beautiful it all is. 

Plus, since we have been here, the nicest guys have helped me. They have opened doors, helped me with Link's stroller, offered to take pictures, and I think it is WONDERFUL! Yes, I am a capable woman and can do all those things on my own, but I am a sucker for chivalry. I think it is one of the most attractive qualities a guy can have is to respect the people around him, enough, to help someone out, like myself, who seems just a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of taking a stroller down a flight of stairs by myself. 

So thank you San Antonio for your hospitality and your beautiful architecture. (just make sure you stay on the right side of town because one block the wrong way and YIKES, "hide your kids, hide your wife..." territory)

Here is a picture of the whole outfit. I have to say I felt a lot prettier and Audrey Hepburn-like than this picture seems to capture. Plus, Matt and I haven't quite figured out photography yet, which results in psychodelic looking pants, that are actually just striped. (another thrifty treasure. J.Crew pants for 2 bucks, normally $118. I am not a "brand-name" sort of person, but it makes me giggle to know I saved 116 dollars on a pair of pants. woop woop).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Share Your Treasure

I thought about how I always get to share my thrifty treasures with you, but how I don't get to share in your excitement when you get your own. So I found a solution (with the help of Clothed Much-thanks Elaine for teaching me that there was such a way possible!). You can add a picture of your thrifted treasure (either wearing it, or just a picture alone of the item) with a caption about why it is your favorite thrifted treasure.

***Please make sure to add this button to your blog before adding your thrifty  treasures to the list! Now let's share in your treasure!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Beach Pants

Perhaps it was checking out Pacsun's lookbook, or maybe it was walking through there at the mall, but I felt like wearing my pants from Tilly's that I am kind of in love with. They are so comfy and I have had them for...well...forever :) I remember getting them while I was with Matt at a Psychology conference in Florida. I had all day to do what I wanted and so I went to the mall to look around and watch a movie. Matt and I have always been poor while we have been married because...well...he has always been in school (smarty pants), and since we were/are poor, I wasn't supposed to buy too much. Now I have always been one for sales and usually only buy something if it is at an incredible price, but when I saw these pants I knew I had to have them. And that is the story of my cool surfer pants :) (I am pretending that you cared to know).

(shirt: Ross, sweater: IDK, pants: Tilly's, earrings: gift from sis)

I have loved the big sweatshirts that kind of have that 80's over the shoulder look, but then the top is a little wide and shows more than I want, so I thought I would solve that by throwing a tee underneath, and to spice it up, I made it a striped shirt.

Tomorrow I have a fun new thing I am going to try because I have been getting emails from sweet followers telling me about treasures they found, and so on Thrifty Thursday tomorrow I want to see what you have found. Be prepared to upload a thrifty photo :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kosher Casual

I am going to share a comfy skirt that I kinda sorta love with you guys. It is made out of cotton, and feels like a sweatshirt for your legs. It is marvelous! So on those days where you have to wear a skirt, but you want to wear a sweatshirt, BAM, you get to when you wear this skirt :)

So here it is:

(shirt: Ross, skirt: Kosher Casual, belt: thrifted, socks: Dollar Tree, shoes: Ross)

Comfy pencil skirt, right? Kosher Casual has a bunch of modest skirts, including more pencil skirts that are super cute. And the best part? This skirt is only 10 bucks right now. You can wear it under and over a shirt, and both styles look really cute with this skirt. I just get really excited when I find a place that has modest skirts, so I thought I would share :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

{My Man Mondays} Preppy Boy

Something about this outfit screams preppy to me, but yet I love it. And sorry for the lack of picture with it all put together. I know this look has been done before, but for reason no one seems to have taken a picture of it, and Matt told me when I first started My Man Mondays that he would not be my model. (Even though I think he would make a super hot model :).

So, I pieced it together with my super handy Stylebook (I almost wanted to say "notebook". Been watching too many Blue's Clues with Link I think, lol).

This is so easy, and perfect while it is still chilly out. Men, just throw on a white tee, your favorite plaid long-sleeved shirt (unbuttoned, or buttoned, either one), and then a simple hooded zip-up jacket. Now it gets tricky: roll the sleeves up on the jacket and shirt TOGETHER so that the plaid shows on the outside. Now put on those old jeans of yours, some tennies (I like converse, or oxfords) and you are all set for a comfy, warm and stylish day.

Now go, men, and make me proud!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Not a lot to say today. It is actually kind of a busy Sunday. I decided that they are far from a "day of rest" with lots of obligatory things I have got to do, most all of which I enjoy though so it isn't too bad. Being with my Young Women is definitely the really good part that keeps my day busy :)

{Shirt: gift from mama, skirt: thrifted, belt: thrifted, tights: Walmart, tall socks: Walmart, shoes: Ross}
I really like this outfit. I don't know what it is, but it seems every time I just throw an outfit together quickly I like it much more than the outfits I sit and think, and think, and think about. This blog didn't start that bad habit, though. I have always had a bad habit of changing my outfit at least 3 times before I decide I like it, which is probably also directly results in my second bad habit: a pile of clothes in our room. That one is Matt's least favorite because he loves things neat and tidy. My weaknesses are his strengths which make us perfect for each other :)

Well, I am off to spend some quality time with my family. Happy Sunday ya'll. 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Embracing Something New

I have been obsessing over J.Crew's new spring look book (no I am not getting paid to say that), and one of the things that has been pretty prevalent in some of the "looks" is summer shoes with socks. I get a little nervous trying this look, but today I decided to attempt it. I have to say it did feel warmer, and I will probably get better at it once spring actually starts and I can try it with dresses and fun things like that. You know, actual spring attire.

It was noticeably warmer today though, and it was much appreciated. Yes, that means I have really only been subjected to 2 days of winter here in Oklahoma, but honestly, it hurt my soul. Thank goodness for the sun.

{shoes: thrifted, socks: Walmart, pants: thrifted Abercrombie and then "skinnied", shirt: Aeropostale, cardigan: Thrifted, belt: thrifted}

So how do you feel about the socks with summer shoes? I can honestly say I am already a huge fan :) So be prepared to pull of some cute socks (these were beige so they kind of looked like my skin, oops), and those summer shoes and lets get ready for spring together. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

What Makes a Favorite

Do you want to know how I know these are my new favorite pants? Well, it is because I tried on a bunch of clothes today and felt ugly with frustration because I couldn't make anything work. Then I took out these pants, and it all just came together.

I think that favorite clothes are the ones that make us feel beautiful no matter what we pair it with. For this reason, I apologize because I can already tell you are going to see a lot of these pants :)

(shirt: gift from sister, pants: thrifted, shoes: Ross, necklace: Walmart)

Only one picture today because it was WAY too cold to be pushing the timer button, posing, then checking to see if it worked, and then doing it again. After one pic I was running inside because cold makes me feel like I am dying. 

As for the shoes I showed you yesterday, I decided that they are a spring/summer shoe because everything I wanted to pair them with were dresses and shorts, so looks like you will have to wait til it warms up again to see how I pair them up. 

Well, I am off to snuggle in front of the fire with a book while Link takes a nap. Have a great Friday! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Black Booties

Well, so much for that Oklahoma winter, I totally spoke too soon on that one, lol. The best part is, do you see how there isn't really snow, just a bunch of flurries that chose to stick around? Yeah...the whole town shut down :) Schools closed, the college closed, jobs closed (obviously not Walmart which you can see is my backyard). Last year when we had a bunch of ACTUAL blizzards the town ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, the day before, trying to prepare for the storm. 

Ok, I am not really being fair because they aren't used to it and I am, but it does make me giggle a little. And in all honesty, I would really prefer that people who are not used to driving in snow, stay home. It is safer that way for everyone :)

Well, since it is Thrift Thursday today, I am going to share a thrifty treat that I have found. Usually I pair it with an outfit, but today is snow day, which means jammie day. So I will make up for it with some tips for thrifting that might help YOU find that treasure the next time you go :)

Now here is my treasure! I have been really excited to show you guys so that I can start wearing them :)

I am in love with the elastic and buttons, and the way they make me think of a 1920's flapper girl. If you haven't noticed, I am kind of a connoisseur of anything vintage. Also, anything that is just a little bit different.

So here are some tips that might help you out the next time you are thrifting.


Have an idea about your style before you head in. You are going to find lots of things there because they are usually huge stores, but what are you actually going to wear? Think of the outfit you have in mind for that item. If it is something that brings an outfit to mind right away, then it is a keeper. If not, throw it back.


Just look around. Just because you went to the thrift store, doesn't mean you have to leave with something. While you are there pile your basket with ANYTHING that looks worth keeping, and then try it ALL on. You will know, when it is on you, whether or not it is worth keeping. If you are not TOTALLY in love with it, throw it back. If you leave with nothing, don't be discouraged, because that store is always changing and you might just get uber lucky another time.

There are two tips to start out with :) More will come with each Thursday!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I Know Thrifty Thursday is Tomorrow

I just can't help it! Link and I went for an adventure today to the thrift store. Ok, really I dragged him along, but he was a great sport and even ended up getting some treasures of his own (a Sooner jersey! SOOO darling on him). Usually I have the best luck in the shoes and dresses department, but today I decided to stop by the pants and see what goodies I could find. This is when the magic happened. Seriously!

Ahhh! Can we say favorite find ever?! (geeze, can you tell I am excited?). I have been wanting pants like this for a while so it was like Christmas finding them for just 2 bucks. Yes, you heard right, 2 Dollars :)

{cardigan: Thrifted, shirt: Walmart, pants: Thrifted, belt: Thrifted, shoes: Thrifted, bracelets: Made them}

Not only was I excited, but Matt actually told me that he loves them. Double bonus, friends because I wasn't quite sure how he would react to pants that could possibly have transported themselves from the 80's. 

Don't worry, I still have a thrifty Thursday planned for tomorrow, I just couldn't help but wear these pants today. (Like I said, Christmas). And I am going to share some secrets about how to thrift for yourselves :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter In Oklahoma

I just have to say that I enjoy Oklahoma winter much more than I did Utah's. Yes, it was fun up at the cabin, or snowboarding, but when I am not doing those things I like it to be a crisp, but sunny winter. Crisp meaning, "just have to throw on a light jacket". Not, "I can't touch my nose because my frozen nose hairs will poke me and it will hurt".

Today was one of the really nice sunny days where I didn't even need a jacket. Link and I love those days because we go to the park where he loves to go down the slide. He climbs right up to the top of the slide, turns his body around like he is going down stairs, and then just lets go and slides down backwards on his tummy with a HUGE grin on his face. Then he waddles back to the steps, climbs up and does it all over again. It is my new favorite thing that we do together.

Did you notice my new neck warmer? My sweet other mom (Manda's mom) made this for me. I know, talented right? She always amazes me with how amazing she is at anything I have ever seen her do. I love this warmer though, and I don't let the warm weather stop me from wearing it, I just wear it more like a shawl, or scarf :)

(neckwarmer: Gift from Lori, Shirt: Made it, Pants: altered abercrombie thrifted, shoes: Thrifted)