Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Share your Treasure!

Here is my treasure that I added to Hint of Vintage, now let's see yours!!

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tomboy Meets Classic Audrey

Ok, so remember how yesterday I was talked about being stressed with hospital bills that kept showing up for Matt's appendectomy? Well, I have to take some time to say thanks to the man upstairs because we just kept praying that things would work out because we literally could not make it with these bills. Then the very next day we find out about some mula that we didn't know was coming, plus a new side job for me, and voila!

The Lord does work in mysterious ways, and i'm thankful it worked out. I don't believe on coincidences, not anymore :) They just happen too often after prayer :)

Ok, now on to fashion!

I have to say, I felt very tomboy with the blazer and boat shoes, but then I felt very classic when I paired them up with my neck warmer (thanks Lori!!) and high waisted pants rolled up at the bottom. Either way, I really liked this outfit and felt very confident in it.

From a quick glance it looked like I was pulling a Michael Jackson here, but I assure you, I am grabbing the blazer!

{blazer: dress barn, pants and sweater: thrifted, shoes: payless (thanks mom!), neck warmer: homemade gift}

So, all-in-all, a great day today {even if the weather is still poopy} and now I am off to sort out some word documents for my new job:)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cropped Military Sweater

I found this great cropped Vintage military sweater and took pictures to sell it on my Sense of Fashion shop, and I just loved the way they turned out so I am using them as my outfit post :)

Honestly, I am not sure why I look like I want to kill someone in this picture. Oh wait....getting 5 different doctor's bills for 1 measly surgery that was only optional if you count death as one of the options. Yeah, that might have been why I looked mad. Sheesh insurance, you don't want to pick up more than a 25% tab for the anesthesia bill? Because, what, anesthesia is optional for surgery? 

Well, that is my rant of the day. On a happy note, I found some awesome vintage things that got added to Sense of Fashion, and they notified me that one of my dresses is going to be featured which is VERY exciting! But also means you better grab what you want quick, and some of it is still on Etsy with a 25% coupon: Hintofvintage :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Flutter Sleeve

So, I saw this flutter sleeve shirt on Love, Ramsey and thought, "I want that" (with Napoleon voice), and I have had some fabric I have been waiting to use, so I thought, hey, why don't I just make it. 

So here it is:

The fashion side of this? Pair a really long necklace with a scarf for layering of accessories. 

Now for the tutorial without pics (sorry folks, I wasn't sure it would turn out so I didn't take pics):

*measure your shoulder width, bust, waist and hips, and from your shoulders to the bottom of where you would want your shirt, and the top of your shoulders to your lovely lady lumps (breasts). 

* Now you are going to fold your material over so that the fold is where your neck will be, and the top of your shoulders. 

*Now take your shoulder measurement and add 4 inches, then use that measurement to cut off any extra fabric from the sides. (the fold is the top where you would measure, then you cut the sides). 

* Now make a small tiny mark measuring down from the fold where your breasts would be. 

* now take all your breast, waist and hip measurements and cut them in half and put those measurements on your shirt. This is the where you are going to make it fit to your body, like this:

So you take the measurements and measure from the middle so that you will have "flutter" on each side.

*Now connect the dots and sew along that line starting from your breast mark so that you leave holes at the top for sleeves. Make sure you are not making big marks because that is the front of your shirt, which also means you should use thread that matches REALLY well also.

*TADA! you are done! Wear it with pride my friends!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Almost Selfish

Alright, I was tempted to not tell you guys about this because I want to win, but hey, I would like to share the love {and get more entries....but mostly to share}.

Ruche {you know, my favorite lookbook site} is giving away the CUTEST bow clutch. So if you want, check out there blog and enter to win!

Also, here is there lookbook. Gosh I love their stuff.

Happy Friday

I am off to finish the rest of my garden, but didn't want to leave you hanging, so here's an outfit post :)

{sweater: Hint of Vintage, plaid and jeans: thrifted, boots: TJ Maxx}

We had a chilly spring day yesterday, and I was partially excited because I have been wanting try out my sweater this way, and I am likin it. So versatile :)

So, what are you guys doing this Friday? Any fun plans?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Share Your Treasure!! {Thrifty Thursday}

Here is my treasure:

Now let's see yours!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wowza this was late

Sorry folks, today I started planting my garden and underestimated how much work it would be (6 hours later...) and then I spent time with my Young Women so I didn't get to post until now. And, because of all the work I put into making soil (If I can walk tomorrow, it truly will be a miracle), I decided to wear something very casual.

{Tee: Walmart, Jeans: Kohls, shoes: Hancocks, Necklace: $1 jewelry, earrings: F21}

What is more classic than the white tee with jeans? Plus, you can dress it up any way you want. 

Leave it simple with just a long necklace and earrings, or spice it up with a TON of bangles on one wrist. Any way you slice it...classic. Not to mention easy, because who doesn't own a white tee and jeans? The other thing that makes this look even more adorable? Gladiator sandals. They are STILL everywhere people, so definitely a good purchase for this upcoming summer. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I was feeling particularly springy when I put this outfit together, and wanted to wear bright colors. So I threw all these pinks together. "Pretty in Pink" {although, I don't think I have every really seen that movie. I know, shame on me}.

{floral silk top: thrifted, skirt: c/o Amy's wedding :), belt: Ross, Shoes: an asian boutique in Logan, UT}

I felt very girly in this outfit, and since pink is Matt's favorite color on me, he loved it. It was a win win :)

Try mixing it up with colors in your closet. Pick one color and mix it together with different shades of the same color, even if one of the pieces is patterned. 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Once their was a tunic...

Once upon a time, I found this tunic dress at the thrift store:

We were pretty good friends, but there was something missing between us. It might have been the slit that went all the way up to my bum, or maybe the dark color during the peak of spring that made me decide something needed to change between us. 

So, we nipped here, and tucked there, and made this nightgown looking tunic into something spring could only dream about!

Yeah! That is much better. Now we are besties and excited to share this spring/summer time together in style. 

The End.

Now you can share a love story with your very own tunic with one of these lovelies below :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hint Of Vintage Coupon

I am adding my stuff to another site online to sell, and so far the one item I put on there has had a lot of hits. Because of this, I want to offer a coupon to my followers for my Etsy shop Hint of Vintage before I move anything else over. This way, if there is something that you love, you can have first dibs on it :)

All right,

The coupon is: HINTOFVINTAGE

The coupon is for 25% off and will be good until the 21st, and after that I will start selling on the other site as well. The items will still be listed on Etsy, they will just be for sale on another site as well to help gain more viewers.

Happy shopping :)

Here are some of the things you can find on Hint of Vintage:

The Secret to Shopping is.....

I used to be overwhelmed by bright colors because I am kind of a "down-to-earth" tones kinda person. Throw me gray or beige any day. So I took that idea and paired it with my bright capris to make it more springy. 

{ Jacket, shirt, capris: Thrifted, shoes: Ross, earrings: F21, headband: Walmart}

Maybe you have noticed that I love this jacket. I think that having a great jacket is key to spring this year for the days where it is just a little chilly. When I go shopping for any piece of clothing, I like to look for a statement piece, something that is going to be just a little different than what everyone else is wearing. Whether it is a different style, color, pattern, anything, that is going to set you apart from the crowd. It will amaze you just how stylish you will feel just wearing one item that is a little different and, well, a little more you.

Have a great time with those bright color pieces!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Thrifty Thursday} Share Your Treasure!!

Sorry folks that I started this so late today! Here is my thrifty find that I altered and added to Hint of Vintage! It was just a bit saggy (like everything in the 80's) so I pulled up the puffy sleeves and brought up the length.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Gotta love some Lace

In my Spring Essentials I mentioned one of the things you should have in your closet is lace {and not just in the hidden drawer}.

These are a few of my favorite ways to wear lace this spring. Maybe you have noticed the beige pattern. This is perfect if you just want one lace item in your closet because beige is the new black this season. You can wear it with ANYTHING. Not to mention it screams spring and summer because this color is light. Now pair it with some color and you will avoid the clown look because you have some neutrals with it.

Happy Spring Time!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Gray to Beige

So it seems I am going for like colors this week because yesterday was all gray and today was mostly beige. The trick, I think, to wearing the same color is switching it up with a different texture, design, or shade for each piece that you are mixing together.

{J.crew Pants, jacket and shirt: all thrifted. Shoes: Forever Young, Earrings: F21}

I am still tickled pink that I found these pants at the thrift store. They are so much fun to mix up, They make me feel tall and skinny, and they are j.Crew and I got them for 2 bucks. What could be better, I ask you?

p.s. I am posting this Monday night, for Tuesday, because of all the crazy tax stuff I have to get done tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday!


It is very gray outside, but luckily it hasn't affected the moods of my people inside. Link is still just as crazy as ever. And I am feeling ecstatic because I started my day off with a fabulous story via my sister. I just love girl talk and all the giddiness that comes with it :)

{maxi dress: Ross, Sweater: JC Penney, earrings: F21}

So it just worked out perfectly that my outfit was all gray yesterday. It was chilly and so I wanted to be uber comfy for church {even though I didn't get to go because Link was being such a pill}. Aw well, this outfit once again shows how versatile the maxi dress is: throw a sweater dress over it to make it wearable in the winter, cardigan over for spring, and tee under for summer. Not to mention: wearing it with a blazer, fun belts over jackets, and on and on. Don't worry, I'm sure you will see more of the possibilities because you might have noticed I love my maxi dress :)