Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Blues

I've heard of Monday Blues, but I think I have the Tuesday Blues today. I just keep staring at my closet thinking that some fabulous outfit is going to jump out and bite me, but alas, I have nothing. And honestly, I am thinking that I should have saved those beautiful pleated plum pants for myself, it's one of those times where I almost hope no one buys them from Hint of Vintage :)

So here is my attempt at a modest, springy outfit. Bright colors were a must today because the sun is shining, it is a wonderful 70 something degrees, and I just feel like it, dang it.

{shirt: made it, pants: Kohls, belt and shoes: thrifted}

I am pretty sure that Matt being taller than me, taking these pictures, is the result of them looking like I have stubby legs. Maybe I need him to sit on the ground and take them. Then the camera would be slanted upward, like I have my long mirror so that I can feel better about myself because the angle makes my legs look like twigs that reach my neck. 

Ah well, I have come to the conclusion that I am too crabby to continue writing, so for everyone's sake...see ya tomorrow :)


  1. very cute! can't believe you made your shirt, and she shoes and belt at a thrift store. amazing!

  2. wait, you MADE that shirt?!?! it's adorable! although i contemplated not saying anything nice because i'm too bitter that you're busting out the spring outfits and basking in the 70s. but you just look too fabulous to be bitter. :)

  3. Haha, Thanks Brittney, you are a bigger person than me because I would just have been bitter, lol. I only had 1 month of winter and that was enough for me. Thanks for all the sweet comments folks about the shirt, I was really excited when it worked out :)