Monday, March 14, 2011


It is very gray outside, but luckily it hasn't affected the moods of my people inside. Link is still just as crazy as ever. And I am feeling ecstatic because I started my day off with a fabulous story via my sister. I just love girl talk and all the giddiness that comes with it :)

{maxi dress: Ross, Sweater: JC Penney, earrings: F21}

So it just worked out perfectly that my outfit was all gray yesterday. It was chilly and so I wanted to be uber comfy for church {even though I didn't get to go because Link was being such a pill}. Aw well, this outfit once again shows how versatile the maxi dress is: throw a sweater dress over it to make it wearable in the winter, cardigan over for spring, and tee under for summer. Not to mention: wearing it with a blazer, fun belts over jackets, and on and on. Don't worry, I'm sure you will see more of the possibilities because you might have noticed I love my maxi dress :)

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