Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Camo Challenge

I got a fun challenge this week to find a way to use old military shirts/jackets, which totally makes sense for someone that has a husband in the military and now has TONS of them. Camo is fun, different, and takes wearing your boyfriends/husbands clothes, to the next level.

So, here is the jacket:

I should tell you my goals while I was thinking about how to remix it, because they can help you think of even more ways than just these two. 

1. Because camo is already masculine, I went with really girly things like: big necklaces, high-heels, sequins, skinny jeans. All these girly things will compliment the jacket nicely, and keep you feeling sexy and fun. 

2. Anything military already has a lot of "cargo" space, so avoid cargo pants. Two much of a good thing can end up bad. 

3. Cargo is meant to blend in, so why not spice it up with a bold color. ANY color. I chose blue. Even though there are greens in the jacket, they are very neutral colors, so when I say spice it up with ANY color, I mean ANY color. Try pink if you have pink pumps and a pink girly necklace. 

So here are the looks:

Skinny jeans help show off your shape, because you will lose it a little with the jacket. Leave the jacket open, like a blazer to show off the cute sequin top, or a ruffly top if you already have one of those.

This one is to use the jacket as a shirt. Belt around the middle to keep that girlish figure. I chose green pants that will match the camo a little for a subtle look. Then add some pumps that match. This is a more classic look.

I had even more ideas, but they involve sewing, so for those of you who are interested, here is a list:

1.  Unstitch the sleeves, gather the top, and sew them back on for a puffy sleeve look that will also help girlify it.

2. Take it in on the sides, and a little more near the middle, so to better accentuate your curves.

3. Add a patch of sequin fabric to some, or all, of the cargo pockets

Alright! There are some of my ideas! I hope they helped at least a little, but I'll have you know, I am expecting pictures of anyone who tries these out because I want to see them work in real life, not just in my head :)

Sequin look:

Belt and Pumps look:


  1. will do! My hubby gave me tons of BDUs that he can no longer wear so I'm definately gonna try this out! thanx for the inspiration:D

  2. YAY!!! so excited!! thanx so much for doing this for me...I can't wait to try them. (I'm totally printing this idea post to hang on my closet door). I appreciate the ideas!! Will this work w/desert camo too?? Same design as the green camo...but in the tans and browns.

  3. Yes! Just follow the same guidlines (girling it up) and it will work beautifully :) Send pics when you try it out!

  4. Oh I have a lot of those lying around. When my hubs is done with the Army I might have to refashion one of his uniforms now.

    Write it in lipstick

  5. Wow, what great ideas! Now I just need to find me a camo jacket...

    North Meets South