Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cropped Military Sweater

I found this great cropped Vintage military sweater and took pictures to sell it on my Sense of Fashion shop, and I just loved the way they turned out so I am using them as my outfit post :)

Honestly, I am not sure why I look like I want to kill someone in this picture. Oh wait....getting 5 different doctor's bills for 1 measly surgery that was only optional if you count death as one of the options. Yeah, that might have been why I looked mad. Sheesh insurance, you don't want to pick up more than a 25% tab for the anesthesia bill? Because, what, anesthesia is optional for surgery? 

Well, that is my rant of the day. On a happy note, I found some awesome vintage things that got added to Sense of Fashion, and they notified me that one of my dresses is going to be featured which is VERY exciting! But also means you better grab what you want quick, and some of it is still on Etsy with a 25% coupon: Hintofvintage :)


  1. I'm so sorry about the medical bills thing. I had that happen just a few months ago. But on the positive side your jacket looks awesome :)


  2. Okay so I am actually a nanny for an anesthesiologist and even she says that the way that health insurance works now a day is insane.
    Sorry to hear about the medical bills, but i loved the outfit... even if your looks could kill.