Sunday, March 20, 2011

Once their was a tunic...

Once upon a time, I found this tunic dress at the thrift store:

We were pretty good friends, but there was something missing between us. It might have been the slit that went all the way up to my bum, or maybe the dark color during the peak of spring that made me decide something needed to change between us. 

So, we nipped here, and tucked there, and made this nightgown looking tunic into something spring could only dream about!

Yeah! That is much better. Now we are besties and excited to share this spring/summer time together in style. 

The End.

Now you can share a love story with your very own tunic with one of these lovelies below :)


  1. What a lovely story...ha ;)

    I'm so jealous of your sewing skills!

  2. Okay so what did you do to the waist exactly. I am just curious to see if you used elastic and gathered it that way, or if you used something more complicated.
    Either way though it is so much better your way.

  3. It was so easy, I just added elastic! Maybe I will make a tutorial on it, and we can save all the moo moo's from themselves!