Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Essentials

Now that it is getting closer to Spring and Summer I am realizing that this is where it gets tough to dress modestly, but the good news is I have you covered with your spring essentials for a modest wardrobe! Also, you can use this as your inspiration board as you go thrifting.

Shortsleeve Tops by Forever 21 at ShopStyle

First: Something great with lace. Lace has been everywhere and on everything. I am positively in love with it. It is simple and girly and perfect for those spring months when you want to feel a little dressy without all the layers.
Shorts at ModCloth at ShopStyle

Teen Girls' Dresses at Tilly's at ShopStyle
Long fun shorts. They are out there, I promise, like these Modcloth ones on the left. They actually have some really cute long shorts, so you won't have to feel left out that all the cute ones are too short. You deserve to show off those legs during summer too!
Shorts by Wood Wood at ShopStyle

Shorts by G Star at ShopStyle

Plus Tops by Ann Taylor at ShopStyle

A great maxi, because they look great over a fitted tee, or under a light cardigan or blazer. So easy to throw on with a sweater, also, for those cold spring days.

I am in love with bow-tie shorts. Here is an adorable pair. Also, again, I found some that I am coveting on Modcloth that I might just have to try and make. Cute and fun to wear over a tee with some wedges for a casual summer day.

Great denim shorts. Get some that are just a little bit different, whether it is their shape, color, distressed marks, that way you don't feel like you are just being boring with a pair of plain ol' jean shorts. because they can be adorable with a loose fitting floral shirt, and perfect for anytime wear.

Cardigans by BCBG MAX AZRIA at ShopStyle
A fun sequin top for those fun summer date nights. If it is a tank, that's when that lightweight cardigan comes in. You can find really thin cardigans that are short-sleeved and elbow length that are perfect for the summer and spring.

Perfect lightweight cardigan for the spring when it is just a little bit chilly, but not enough for a bulky sweater. Also perfect to wear over the cute tanks that you find, but couldn't wear otherwise.

Wedges at Tilly's at ShopStyle

Tees by Topshop at ShopStyle

The perfect gladiator wedge, to dress up any shorts you choose to wear. Not to mention super cute!

Any floral shirt. Floral is everywhere, also it is super fun for spring and summer. Find a billowy floral shirt to wear with your fun shorts, and gladiator wedges and you are set to go for a day with the girls.

And so there it is, your spring essentials! Hope this helps as the spring and summer months come and you start feeling like there is nothing cute to wear. Now you've got it in the bag, so have fun with it! Be creative, and have fun with it as you search for the essentials, or what you might already have in your closet to work.

Lace Tops:

Sequins and Cardigans:

Cute Shorts:

Floral Tops:

Gladiator Wedges:


  1. these are all such great finds! this makes me want to go on a shopping spree!!!

  2. I know, right?! Everytime I check out Modcloths clothes I can't help but want everything

  3. I will be rocking my maxi's, sooo excited for warmer weather and cute dresses:-)

    Ps love the blog, so fun!

  4. Thank you! I am totally with you on that one, sundresses here I come!

  5. Those shorts are just complete!!!

  6. You have really great work on fashion, I have also some collection on the spring fashion I hope you like it