Friday, March 18, 2011

The Secret to Shopping is.....

I used to be overwhelmed by bright colors because I am kind of a "down-to-earth" tones kinda person. Throw me gray or beige any day. So I took that idea and paired it with my bright capris to make it more springy. 

{ Jacket, shirt, capris: Thrifted, shoes: Ross, earrings: F21, headband: Walmart}

Maybe you have noticed that I love this jacket. I think that having a great jacket is key to spring this year for the days where it is just a little chilly. When I go shopping for any piece of clothing, I like to look for a statement piece, something that is going to be just a little different than what everyone else is wearing. Whether it is a different style, color, pattern, anything, that is going to set you apart from the crowd. It will amaze you just how stylish you will feel just wearing one item that is a little different and, well, a little more you.

Have a great time with those bright color pieces!