Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I was feeling particularly springy when I put this outfit together, and wanted to wear bright colors. So I threw all these pinks together. "Pretty in Pink" {although, I don't think I have every really seen that movie. I know, shame on me}.

{floral silk top: thrifted, skirt: c/o Amy's wedding :), belt: Ross, Shoes: an asian boutique in Logan, UT}

I felt very girly in this outfit, and since pink is Matt's favorite color on me, he loved it. It was a win win :)

Try mixing it up with colors in your closet. Pick one color and mix it together with different shades of the same color, even if one of the pieces is patterned. 


  1. I cant believe you have never seen pretty in pink! One of the most insperational 80's movies ever as far as making thrift stores fashionable. But I love that asian botique in Logan you were talking about, GO AGGIES! And I adore the mixing of hues!!!

  2. so cute, and RUBY you should watch Pretty in Pink....i love that movie...plus you totally remind me of the main character because she takes old "retro" clothes and remakes them into cute outfits....

  3. THanks ladies! I think it is official, I am checking to see if Netflix has Pretty in Pink pronto!