Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Time

Even though I titled this one free time, you should know that my free minutes with a 15 month old are minimal to none, so when I am able to accomplish anything I feel uber proud and feel like I need to share. So here is what I was able to finish in my 5 min of free time today :)

Ignore the mess. I obviously spent my free time on crafts, not cleaning...surprised Matt? Oh, wait, that's every day. crap. 

{sweater vest, pants, shoes, necklace, cardigan: all thrifted. Shirt: Ross}

Now my son is playing tug-o-war with the cat and a shoe lace. Sorry, but I have to go record this!

Sweater Vests and Cardigans

Jeans and Necklaces


  1. Everything you have on except shirt is thrifted. Wow. Love it.

  2. thats a really cute idea to put curtains around your bathroom mirror! very creative! oh yeah and I love your thrifted outfit cuuuute:D

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