{26 for 26}


26 for 26

Have you heard of 30 for 30? You can check out the link, but basically it is this: You pick 30 items from your closet, shoes count, accessories do not, and you can only wear those items for 30 days. AND, you cannot shop for yourself for those 30 days. This means that you have to get creative with what you already have and saves you money. Both are things that I want to practice, so I have decided to do this myself. Only, Christmas is in 26 days (who's counting?) and I know I won't be able to resist those brown adorable shoes that I know I am getting, so I have revamped it to 26 for 26. I picked 26 items from my closet and I will only wear those for 26 days. I started with today's outfit so you can check that out. I am thinking that this will probably help with packing as well because we are going to be in Utah for 3 weeks and I usually go overboard, but now I don't have a choice (good thinkin Ruby).

So here is my line-up:

(Pants, left to right:  Bootcut jeans-JC Penney, Thrifted Abercrombie altered skinnies, khaki altered skinnies-Aeropostale, Skinny jeans-Kohls, Black leggings-Walmart) 10 cool points if you can find the lone Hot Tamale. Yum. 

Jackets/shirt I forgot to put with other shirts, left to right:  Gray cardigan-thrifted, purple tee-walmart, Striped ruffle jacket-thrifted, Black blazer-Dress Barn

(Skirts left to right:  Black floral dress- thrifted, Gray Skirt- TJ Maxx, Floral brown-so long I can't remember)

(Shoes left to right: Black booties- Thrifted, Tan heels- Forever 21, Black Ruffle Heels- Ross, Boots- TJ Maxx, Black boots- Target)

(shirts left to right: Ruffle Plaid shirt-walmart, Tan shrug shirt- Thrifted, Gray striped shirt- Ross, Blue Plaid- Walmart, White and gray stripes- Ross, White collar striped- hmmm, good question..., blue and gray sweater- Thrifted AE, Red shirt with flowers- I made it (don't look too close, you might be able to tell), Gray cami- Gen-X)

So there are my choices for the 26 for 26. Want to do the challenge also? Check out 30 for 30 for all the rules.