Monday, December 6, 2010

Show Off

Yes, I am admitting that I am a show-off. But once again I am excited that I was able to make something that turned out awesome. I made this bib necklace today, (tutorial) and I was pretty pumped to wear it and the best part is I didn't break an 26 for 26 rules because although it is new, I made it with left over fabric. And it is an accessory and I can have as many of those as I want right now. See? Awesome. 

I would also like to take a moment, while I am being a show-off, to announce that I have finally beaten Matt in a game of Monopoly. After 4 years of marriage (well, it will be 4 this Wed), and many a games I have never beat him until last night. Boo-yah. It is not that I am a competitive person....wait, what? Of course I am! I am a Bailey. We call you names and beat you if we don't win. This might be why Matt said "I am kind of glad you won tonight". Oops. Maybe I should work on being a sore loser winner Ok, I obviously need to work on both. 


  1. Have you guys ever played killer bunnies? Or And it came to pass? Those always bring out the competitiveness in Jason and I. Is competitiveness a word? Hmmmm

  2. I have played it came to pass! I didn't know anyone besides my family knew that game :) Pretty much anything we play I am competitive, lol