Friday, December 10, 2010

Just Another One Of Those Days

Today wasn't necessarily the worst day, but it has not been working in my favor. And just as I was about to cry my phone stopped working (perfect). Time to turn to itunes to rescue me from my mood. Music has a power over me. It is my magic when I am happy, sad, discouraged, drained, excited. Basically I have a playlist for every mood. 

Here is my blah mood list:

Wish You Were               Kate Voegele
Chemistry of a car crash Shiny toy guns
Almost Lover                 A Fine Frenzy
Mix Tape                 Brand New
Stay                        Michelle Featherstone
All My Loving        Across The Universe Soundtrack
Somebody Loved        The Weepies
World Spins Madly On    The Weepies
A long december        Counting Crows
We all lose one another   Jason Collett
1234                        Feist
Under the Blacklight        Rilo Kiley
Someday you will be loved  Death Cab For Cutie

Funny how sad songs help turn my mood around. I think it is because as I sing along it helps me get out my frustration. Course, while listening to the music I usually have my comfort food: soda, chocolate :)

I never really got why people say I look like Ali Larter, but in this picture I kiiiinda get it. 

Obviously she is gorgeous, I'm not saying that about myself, but just that we could pass for sisters. What do ya think?


It is because of my blah mood that I chose this comfy outfit. It's funny because I never would have put this striped shirt underneath, but since I didn't have any other options because of the 26 for 26 I decided to just try it and guess what?... Yeah, I pretty much love it together. Good job 26 for 26 teaching me to shop my own closet. Isn't what it is there for after all? 
What are your blah mood traditions?

1 comment:

  1. this outfit is a winner, way cuter than my comfy outfit today
    you make me want to get dressed. :)
    hope your day improves!