Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Grand Finale!!

And here they are! The remaining oufits :) This was a super fun day full of MANY activities. One of which being taking all these pictures. Though it may seem a small task, it actually took a couple of hours to create, change into, and photograph each outfit. Luckily I had my bestie Shawna and her sister (basically my other sister) Kelley. Otherwise this could have been a very excruciating process having to set the timer, pose, "click", set the timer, pose, "click" get the idea. It was also fun to have them there with me and to get their input. This also meant a variety of backgrounds which I am sure will be refreshing since I really only give you 2 different ones normally. 

Without further adieu, the last 10 outfits:

Get crazy and put different shades of the same color together. 

Try putting a belt OVER your blazer and shirt the next time you wear them. Also, adding jeans with a blazer helps keep it casual. 

Try booties with rolled up jeans :)

For a casual yet AWESOME look, try a tee over your plaid shirt. I have to say this was one of my favorite outfits today. 

Oh, yes, the sexy bum pose, I have to say I look very ragged in all these pictures. (which reminds me of when my friend's husband told her she looked "ragged" while we were camping. If looks could kill? He would be dead dead).

I am a big fan of the side messy braid. 

Throw a cowl on to add a little dimension to any ol' outfit. 

Striped jacket over striped shirt added a little somethin somethin to this outfit. 

Hmm, just spying on the neighbors. I still don't know what they look like. Is that weird? Maybe I should bring them a Christmas present and get to know them.

Love to add leggings/thick tights to keep warm with my dresses in the winter. Not to mention I love the look of fun tights. (Kara, I didn't get to tell you I LOVED your tights Sunday :D)

I saved my favorite for last. I added my big oversized shirt and threw it over my floral dress. Then to keep my curves just added a belt. This kept the three colors rule: I am wearing at least three colors, one with a bold print. 

There you go, my last outfits. It was pretty fun putting all these together I have to admit. Now my house looks like a tornado went through it though because all of my clothes and accessories are in a pile in the living room (my changing room today), and I haven't had time to pick them up because it has been so busy. A good busy, though, full of fun times with my Young Women. I just love being able to hang with them every Wednesday. They are probably some of the funniest people I have every met :) 

Well, I am off to bed because I am WORN out. Peace. 


  1. LOVE IT!! And it was so fun helping you do that!!! Thanks for letting me!! Love ya!!

  2. AGREED. This was a blast today! And of course everything turned out if they wouldnt...pff. ;-)

  3. they are all cute.....but the poses i like the best are day 18 & 20 (the ones on the right are the best!)

  4. pose on day 23 (middle) also rocks!!!

  5. Love that I found your blog when you have all of these outfit pictures! You are so lovely and the clothes are so cute.

  6. It was fun, thanks guys! and Stephens, I knew you would like those ones :D. Destined for Now, I am so glad you found me too! Thanks so much :)

  7. Great job. Thanks for all the ideas. I just sent you an e-mail about guest posting on my Crafty Mommy Diva blog so check your spam too just in case. Happy Holidays!

  8. Yay!!!! Great job!!!!!! So proud of you :) I would've given up...haha!

  9. haha, are you referring to me? because it was "haggard". Ragged would have been a compliment... haha. :) Love you.