Thursday, December 23, 2010

{Brown and Black Again? This Is Some Kind Of Record}

Yes, I absolutely wore this. And even in public. We went snowboarding yesterday and I didn't bring my stuff because we couldn't pack a lot, so I went downstairs to find something in the laundry room. There were many things I could have chosen but this was absolutely the most fabulous. I actually had a couple people on the mountain tell me my outfit was great. I appreciated this because then they knew I was just being a big dork, NOT that I actually thought I looked great in this 80's one-piece. Most of the other looks were looks of concern for my mental well-being, and those were pretty much just as fun. 

This is what I actually wore today :)

As I am wearing cowboy boots, I thought it only appropriate that I take the pictures next to the horse corral. Again I matched my accessories. Brown boots with brown scarf. Beautiful :) Well, I am off to lunch with some of my besties from high school. Talk to ya later :)

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  1. Ruby where did you get the scarf you are wearing in this picture! I love it and I am trying to find a brown scarf or nice dressy vest or something to go with a skirt I have. Any help??? I am trying to dress a little nicer at church etc. :) Help me please!!!