Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A comfy day after the Holiday rush

So remember how I said I went birthday outfit shopping? (I am supposing that people are that into my blog that they actually follow what I do. That's my wishful thinking, I guess!). Ok, so supposing that you actually know what I am talking about, I got this cardigan for part of my birthday outfit. I know, what I shocker that I actually chose a cardigan for part of my outfit. I have been wanting a big boyfriend cardigan, though, and of course I got it in gray because I might slightly have an obsession with it.

Now with all of the holiday rush, and having to dress up for Christmas parties, I am pooped (this is the time my mom says "then go to the bathroom" because she thinks she is super clever) and so I  just want a comfy outfit. Not pajama pants and t-shirt comfy because I plan on seeing people today, but still comfy enough that I can lounge and feel comfortable.

Here is my secret. Grab a baggy/loose fitting shirt. I just got a normal v-neck and bought it a couple of sizes too big so it would fit loose. Then throw over a cardigan. Boyfriend cardigans are the best for this outfit. Put on some comfy skinny pants or leggings, and then some comfy boots. I go with the uggs because they are warm and fuzzy inside, and warm 'n fuzzy is perfect for this freezing Utah weather. Then throw on a long necklace and some fun small earrings and maybe a bracelet. Accessories take it comfy out of the pajama zone.

I must tell you that there are some special things that make this comfy outfit look stylish, but not like I tried too hard (which is what I love because then it looks like I don't try, I am just naturally this way). The secret is in the long necklace (which takes it out of pajama zone), the small earrings (because we still want it to exude the presence of not trying to hard) and last but not least leave off the majority of your makeup, just keep that au natural look. The way to achieve this is just put on your normal foundation; put it on the eyelids as well to give them some color, but not give away that you have anything on your eyes. Then add some mascara and eyeliner. For the eyeliner I use a gray, because it keeps that natural look, but still outlines your eyes so you don't look like a cancer patient (that statement was for my Shawna because someone said she looked like a cancer patient without eye makeup, wasn't that sweet of them).

Now you know my secrets for an "I didn't try, I just look this great" look.

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  1. Bwahaha, yeah, definitely stay away from the cancer patient look!!