Sunday, December 12, 2010

What Is On The Inside Is What Counts

This is what I have to remember when I am feeling this way. Today just felt like an ugly day, but I usually feel like this when I have EARLY (7:30, which means up by 6:45) morning church meetings because I only give myself 10 minutes to get ready because sleep is my most favorite thing in the WHOLE world (cough...oh yeah...except my husband and son of course). So basically I got up this morning and just threw what seemed to be the warmest attire I had in my 26 for 26 mess (because all of my 26 for 26 is in a pile right now), threw my hair in a pony and ran out the door. Then people were so sweet to tell me I looked great, which on a day like this didn't really persuade me to feel that way, even though I very much appreciate what they said :)

So, I come home from church and decide that I will grudgingly take pictures of my outfit just because I love you guys and quickly take them so I can change into jammies. Then I come to post those pics and for some reason they didn't load right and I always delete them while they are loading so it seems they are lost forever. You know people say "so ugly you broke the camera". I think I may have broken the camera. great.

It is about this time that I start thinking that I need to remember that it is what is on the inside that counts. Not to mention we had a lesson today about realizing your talents, and I need to be a good example to my sweet little Young Women. So, here I am remembering that I have a super awesome Heavenly Father who loves me even when my hair looks like poop in a bun, and who gave me the special talent of laughter to laugh off all of my less-than-perfect week. I am really good at laughing. In fact, one time someone told me (Jared) that I laughed at everything, and that whenever he was with me he felt super funny. He realized my talent.

And so it is, I am laughing off my eventful week and my YIKES hair. But since I still don't have pictures to show you, I put a box together that shows you what I wore without actually having to break my camera again.


  1. Great post - I think we all have those days! Hope your camera isn't really broken...

  2. It wasnt broken...and she looked ah-mazing!!!