Friday, December 3, 2010

Wind Meet Hair; Hair Meet Wind

Bah, it is so windy here today. I thought I would get creative and have Matti take pictures of me while we all played at the park, but literally every time Matt pulled the camera out, the wind started up. So there are very few pictures today and in all of them my hair looks ratty and wind-blown. 

Ah well, I should look at the bright side. Link was feeling better today and well enough to have a grand time at the park today. This park that we went to is super awesome and it is built of wood to look like a castle. Probably my favorite part though, is all the music makers they have around the playground. I love music so I am trying to brainwash Link early into loving it too. I don't know if he loved the music so much as just banging the pipes with a stick. I'm going to go with just loving to bang the pipes. O'well, I will just continue to play Death Cab all day and hope that it sticks :)

(Blazer: Dress Barn, Floral dress: thrifted, Boyfriend/skinny jeans: Kohls, Necklace: Hint of Vintage, Shoes: gift from mamasita). 

I got a little crazy with day 4's outfit and wore my floral dress as a shirt. I kind of love it as a shirt and I think it is going to be my new favorite way to wear it. Anyway, I threw on my black blazer because although it is 70 degrees here, most of my readers are lookin at snow so I thought I would winter up the outfit for you all. (plus I just like it). Got my boyfriend jeans on to casual it up, and my go-to shoes. Funny how right after I tell you that I match my accessories I get crazy on ya and wear a blue necklace with beige shoes. I can get pretty wild sometimes. 


  1. you would never guess that is a full dress! very innovative!

  2. You amaze me, bestie. I am constantly dazzled by your fashion sense. It would never occur to me to be so creative. I sure am glad I have you to teach me!!!