Wednesday, December 1, 2010


On Day 2 of my 26 for 26, I decided to try a new accessory. Well, not new, but try to wear it a different way. I have 3 or 4 sashes that came as ties for shirts, or belts for skirts, that I just don't wear with those clothes. I have wanted to try and find a unique way to wear them and here is the result: I have just used this one as a belt and tied it in a bow in the back. I don't think there are any back pictures, but you can see it from the front. What do you think? Is this idea a keeper?

I have this thing with long sleeved shirts where I feel claustrophobic when I wear them so I always have to roll up the sleeves. Luckily it is still in the 50's here so I can do that without freezing. I also have another thing where when I wear collared shirts I feel like a boy, even though my mom has always told me I look nice in them, and don't think just because she is my mom that she said that because she is brutally honest (one time she told me I was ugly when I cry). She more than makes up for it though with all the WONDERFUL things she does for me and my 4 sisters (like raising us during that time of the month. I would have sold us off). Anyway, back to the collared shirt; so I took my red/maroon shirt with flowers and threw it on top to give it a more feminine look, and the sash to keep those curves. Then I put on my favorite pair of jeans to keep it casual. Next, my favorite pair of pumps (speaking of nice moms, these were a gift from her) and I have myself my Day 2 outfit.


  1. I like this look. The belt and the dark red of the shirt make your waist look super tiny.

  2. Thank you! Then my goal was accomplished :)