Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laundry Day

Well, it is bad enough limiting my clothes selection to 26, but then you throw in laundry day and I had all of...mmm....three choices. Yes I understand that I could have gotten dressed AFTER laundry, but the problem is Matt and I only have a washer which means you wash it on one day, but don't get to wear it until it is dry the next :) But, alas, I actually liked my outfit today despite it's many challenges. Plus, take a little gander at the necklace I am wearing. I kind of love lock and key necklaces, and Hint of Vintage just put up some new ones.

Blazer: dress barn, shoes: can't remember, khakis: altered Aeropostale, Shirt: Ross, Necklace: Hint of Vintage

Here is a hanging collage of the lock and key necklaces :)

Well, I have to go do more laundry. Since husband's back it practically as useless as an 80-year-old man's it is kind of up to me. He got hurt playing basketball, poor guy, and has been pretty much out of commission. I should probably give him a kiss before laundry because kisses make it all better. 

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