Monday, December 13, 2010

Easy T-shirt and Jeans mix

This post is coming to you a little later than usual because I have been spending the day with my bestie here in Oklahoma. While I was getting ready to go out with bestie, I was doing my hair and got a rat's nest. This probably wouldn't bring back any memories to the normal person but it brought fun memories back to me.

My best friend since we were 5 (Manda, that's what I call her, it is actually Amanda) and I used to collect really weird things: rocks, new carpet shavings....rats nests. Yes my friends, rat nests. You know, when you are brushing your hair and you get a know and then you brush the knot and it is this ball of hair in your brush. That is a rat's nest. I had gone over to Manda's house after school and she showed me her new rat's nest collection. I was so intrigued (as I usually was at anything Manda was doing because it always seemed so cool) and so when I brushed my hair the next day and got a rat's nest I got super excited about it and ran it over to her house to add to her collection. But, she looked at me all grossed out and said "um, this is just for MY rat's nests". I was not saddened, I just went home and started collecting them myself. The good news? I DO NOT have that collection anymore, even though I am sure it would sell for millions. I have moved on to cooler collections like stamps and coins. You know, normal ones that you aren't embarrassed to show people.

Now to my outift:

T-shirt: Walmart, belt: thrifted, cardigan: thrifted, scarf: Christams present, boots: TJ Maxx, jeans: JC Penney

Want to make a cowl out of a scarf that you already have? Take the scarf ends and then tie them together with ribbon. Voila! Easy peasy cowl. That is what I did with this scarf :)

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  1. Can you just come to Illinois and dress me? I always think of you when I get into my closet, and then I still come out looking, and very boring. Save me Cute Ruby!! Save me!!