Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Things And It Isn't Even Christmas Yet

So basically, I am having a great time with family so far and it has been nice having so many sisters to help with Link. I have 4 sisters, and we all get along. We mostly have our whole lives, except for maybe when Marrie and I would pick on Sydney (she deserved it), or when I handcuffed my sisters in the shower and turned on the cold water because they would not listen to me (um....yeah, I am the oldest, why do you ask?). Maybe I will have to get some pics up of all of us. That would be fun, and I like fun.

The other fun part so far is that I got a new purse. I had to get one because Matt accidentally broke mine in the airport. He felt really bad so I forgave him...and it made it easier knowing that I would get a new one :)  Well, new to me, it is thrifted, but that is the best kind, not to mention whoever owned the purse before left me a little mint inside. No I did not eat it, but I thought about it just because my mom looked like she might throw up. Making her cringe is one of my favorite things. This is why we used to chase her with bugs, and reptiles that we found in the backyard.

The other new thing? My hair. It is slightly lighter now. I did it myself, so don't look too close, ok? And the next new thing is my snow boots.

This is my comfy vacation outfit with tons of layers so I stay warm in this blasted cold. Yes I said I love snow, but my Oklahoma bum is used to 60 degree weather. Ok, here is the breakdown: Plaid Shirt: Walmart, Striped shirt:  Ross, Cardigan:  Thifted, Leggings: Walmart, Boots:  Walmart. (wow, walmart should seriously pay me money for all this advertising)


  1. bahah i seriously always love your poses

  2. Haha, thank you because I was just telling my sister today, who took the pics, that I am running out of them :)

  3. i think that is one of the greatest thrifting finds i have seen in a long time!

  4. Isn't it? :) It is definitely one of my favorites!

  5. SO cute! sisters are so much fun! we love to swap clothes and borrow shoes from eachother... i am the oldest but i also am the weakest so if anyone was getting handcuffed to the shower it was me....
    love the blog!


  6. The BEST leggings I have are by Walmart's GEORGE brand. They are sooooo comfortable!

    More Modern Modesty

  7. Yes! Someone else totally rocks it in Wal-Mart chic. They seriously have the best stuff sometimes. Cutie look and you have amazing hair. I kinda wish I was gutsy enough to go a little blond but I will just stick with a la natural for now. Bad experience once with all that kinda scarred me. Good luck with all that snow. I love snow but my only experiences have been within a ski resort setting. Sheltered? Yes, I am. Warm Florida wishes to you!!!