Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wannabe a Cowgirl Baby

Ok, so I don't necessarily look like a cowgirl, but have you noticed that I have an infatuation with plaid shirts and my boots lately? If you were going to ask for any clothes this Christmas, I would definitely make sure to mention plaid because it is super fun to layer with. 

Recognize the pants? Yep, they are the newly skinnied ones :) I'm a big fan...of myself apparently since I made them...what I really mean to say is that I am excited they ACTUALLY turned out right. That makes two pants for the books. 

Here are some cheap (all under $25) items to help you create this look on your own. Christmas maybe? If anything you can follow my example and take a peak at what is in style and then thrift it. Half of my outfit for this post was thrifted. I loves it, but that is because finding something awesome at the thrift store is like digging for gold. So satisfying when you find it.


  1. plaid puts me over the top. i really love layering it with animal print!

  2. Aww, thanks Shelly :)

    Heidi- I haven't tried that combination but it sounds awesome