Thursday, November 11, 2010

What Have You Got To Say?

Alright, I originally started this blog hoping that people would send in their fashion woes and we could help solve them together. This way, we are taking things out of our closets, that we already have, thereby looking great without spending any money.

So here is my challenge to you!! First, go in your closet. Find something that you have not worn in a year (or longer if you are a pack rat like me : D ). Decide what it is about that article of clothing that you do not like, or maybe the reason you have not been wearing it: is it too short, too long, sleeves are ugly, out of style, immodest, etc.

Next send me, via email ( 1. a picture of the item with details about why you don't wear it, and/or 2. a description of the item and why you do not wear it.

Awesome! Lets get crack-a-lackin and put those forgotten clothes to good use!

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