Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Big Reveal!

It only took me long enough! Here is the shirt I was going to add sleeves to. Remember I wanted them to look ruffly instead of making my shoulders broad with a t-shirt underneath.

Drum roll please......

I am excited about how it turned out :)

*wearing: shirt (walmart, because I am that cool), owl necklace (

yeah, Link is a huge cheese and kept trying to climb my leg to be in the picture :) He has the dopiest smile here, hahaha. 

Ok, so I can't lie, I actually cheated a little bit. Yes I created the sleeves and sewed them on, but I did not use the fancy link that I put on my blog post earlier. I will share my secret, but I am warning you, seamstresses will probably cringe at this makeshift sleeve pattern trick. 

So first I turned the sleeve inside the shirt so that I knew just how the sleeve should be where I was going to connect it to the shirt in the end. 

(maybe should have turned this upright, oops. Keep in mind this is upside down). Ok, so you take the top part of the inside out sleeve and place it on the fold with the remaining inside out sleeve going down the length of the fabric. This is how it will look when it is cut out. The straight line, opposite the half circle, is the part of the sleeve that will show so determine how far away that should be from the half circle based on how long you want the sleeve. 

Here is the sleeve. The rounded part at the top will match up the inside seam of the original sleeve if you have cut it right. Hem up the straight part opposite the rounded part. 

Then you take the sleeve and sew the rounded part to the inside seam where the original sleeve and shirt meet. This way you are not messing with the shirt except just to add another sleeve. 

Sheesh, maybe that was more confusing than the original link I gave you! Regardless, there it is if you can understand it :)

Hope this helps!