Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What To Wear For The Holidays: Sequins

Ok, so I promise that I will get a post about my finished shirt ASAP, but I got really excited about doing this "What to wear for the holidays" post. I got a request to talk about some options of modest fun things to wear to New Years Eve and Christmas parties, which is a great idea with the holidays quickly approaching! (Thanks Kristen).

The thing is, there are so many ideas that I am thinking I am going to space them out, each of them will be titled "what to wear for the holidays:" followed by whatever my suggestion is that day. Hopefully this way everyone will be able to find something that suits their style :)

Today, though, we are talking about sequins for the holidays! The reason this is perfect? Not only is it obviously dressy to wear sequins not to mention fun, but they have been everywhere lately which means you are fashionably safe on this one. Here is one idea of things you can put together to make this work:

Take a bright sequin top and put it under a high-waisted ruffled skirt (or one that you can pull up high without showing off more than your knees), I would go with either a black or gray to keep it more formal with the bright shirt.
Now take a fun belt of the same color as the skirt and wrap it around your waist. There don't need to be belt loops, just wrap it around the skirt.
Then add some stockings (thick because it will be cold, and patterned if you want to spice it up). The stockings should match whichever shoes to wear. If you are wearing a black skirt, try some gray stockings with some gray ruffled booties. If you go with the gray skirt, try black stockings with black stockings. If you stick to the same color stockings and booties it will elongate your legs and make you look super tall, and thinner (which is what we all want, right?).
Then depending on whether the top is modest on it's own or not, try adding a long cardigan; you will want it to go all the way past your bum, so make sure it is a thin material, and to make it super fun try and get a cardigan that accentuates your top. Also, leave the cardigan unbuttoned so that your top and outfit are not covered or taken over by the cardigan.

Alrighty, I hoped this outfit was of some help, if not, hang in there because more ideas are coming!!

**Now one little side note, if you find that a modest layered ruffled skirt is too hard to come by, you can just add some layers to the skirt. If this is something anyone would like to learn, just put a comment and I will post a blog about how to do this. (p.s. it is super easy and even someone without sewing skills can handle it, I promise).**


  1. great post I can't wait to see all your other holiday outfit posts... How did you make that collage?

  2. It's awesome right?! Ok, not my collage, but being able to do it :) You go to shopstyle.com

  3. i love your outfits! cutest blog!