Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Fashion: Christmas Sweater

What says Christmas better than a Christmas sweater? I love love sweaters when I find the right one because I just want to snuggle into it on the cold days and yet I still look dressed up and presentable (because often times my comfy "jammies" just don't do the trick).

I found this sweater in my closet, and it was actually a Christmas present last year from my mamasita :) It is super comfy, but it wasn't really flattering around the mid section, so I just wrapped a cute skinny belt around (skinny because I didn't want it to take away from the sweater, but just to add some curves). Then throw on a patterned shirt underneath and some jeans and you are set for a comfy cute Christmas (quite the alliteration I have going on there).

Link wanted a picture do-over because he was embarrassed about the last ones (okay, maybe that was me because my kid was still in his pajamas like I had neglected him, so this is proof-that at least for today-I dress him)

Bwahaha, I can't help but pee a little when I look at Link's face in this picture!

There you go! One dressy and one casual outfit done. But don't fret, there are more ideas to come! Any that you would like to see specifically?


  1. Ruby, you've created a delightful blog here! I'm going to tell my daughter, Melissa Grace Taylor, to check it out. She also has an eye for stye and loves the vintage look. . . She's about your age and lives in Salt Lake. Hopefully you'll meet her someday.

    Have a delightful Thanksgiving celebration and please give my greetings to Matt and his family.

    Aleen (Brown)

  2. what a cute little boy! mine's almost 17 months already and i can't believe it. so fun! welcome to the Mormon fashion blogger list:)

  3. Thank you! Boys are the best! Or maybe I am just biased :)