Sunday, November 21, 2010

Done!....For Now :)

Ok, so decisiveness is not one of my strong points, but Matt had to ban me from the computer yesterday because I was stressing myself out (This is slightly ironic if you were to know my husband), and so I am stickin to this one! … Until I think of something more fun…No! just this one…mmm…ok, this one (this exhausting monologue is what goes on in this head of mine).

On to fashion, which is what this blog is really about! I had a lot of fun picking out this outfit for Stake Conference today, so I thought I would share it :) It is feminine and has a vintage feel which is something that I love because I love the styles of the 1920’s (and 50’s and 60’s and 70’s…you get the point).

The best part? You can create this outfit too if you are a pack rat like me. I have had this skirt since start of high school and I have always thought it was cute, but I had it stuck in my head that I could only wear it with a plain shirt on top of it because that is how I wore it when I first got it. But since I have been on a mission to wear things in my closet that I haven’t touched in a while I put together this little diddy and I was excited about how it turned out.

Want to make this outfit more every-day wear? Easy peasy, just throw on a pair of jeans or slacks and you are set to go.


  1. Love this look! You did a great job at wearing a warm rich brown color palette and still manage to make it look chic and interesting. Good job!

  2. Thanks, actually that jacket is a "thrifted find" :) I would venture to say half my wardrobe is, lol